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This is an excellent overview of the kinds of foods we need as vegans.


One of my friends
The Daily Kale asked me a good question. I thought it would make a great post.


Sooo I have a question! From a wanna be vegan perspective I feel a bit lost sometimes :/ I would LOVE TO be vegan, truly. But that being said- I’m SO LOST when it comes to breakfast sometimes :/ All I ever eat is 2 pieces of Ezekiel with almond butter. I know there is like tofu scrambles, etc. or cereal/ oatmeal. Sometimes I feel like my meal doesn’t have balance. Cause it has too much carbs and little protein. Do u have any advice tips for options for breakfast or other meals, also snacks? I’d love your help! I know there is protein in veggies and grains etc. just don’t have good balance, when I create a meal I don’t think…. Thank u for your time 🙂

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Want to Speed up Healing? Then Get Your Poultice On!

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“Poultices are powerful healing mechanisms. When when used in conjunction with a raw living food healing protocol they can be a real game changer!” Bobby Morgan, Naturopath

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