A Natural Body Protecting Compound BPC-157 Peptide

Our bodies naturally makes many chemical compounds that protect our systems and organs. One of the most powerful of these is compounds is our own gastric juices that not only digest our meals, but also serve to protect and heal our gut. BPC-157 is a fragment of a protein found in gastric juice. BPC-157 is formed from these gastric juices and compounded into a peptide that will get it into your system and enable it to go to work identifying, healing and regenerating almost any of the bodies tissues at very fast levels.

What Does it Heal or Repair

Research studies have shown BPC-157 is a repair and heal tendon, muscles, intestines, teeth, bone, arteries and ligaments.


MOTS‐C is found in the mitochondria and is a peptide made of 16 amino acids. MOTS-C is known to control metabolic capacities all through the body. One of the vital components of MOTS-C is transforming glucose into usable energy and holds fat back from gathering in the muscle.

In the event that you are attempting to get more fit, MOTS-C when infused can help support glucose digestion to control glucose levels. MOTS-C is an activity mimetic drug that invigorates changes enacted through exercise and can help improve by and large many aspects of your physical and mental health.


  • Helps regulate energy
  • Protects against obesity
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Improves exercise capacity
  • Improves glucose regulation
  • Improves metabolism
  • Helps improve overall health and wellness

New Peptide Science Targets Breast Cancer Cells

Being able to target Breast Cancer cells, with peptides specifically designed to identify and destroy breast cancer cells is beginning to gain a foothold as a highly efficient approach to selectively deliver targeted destruction to cancer cells with minimal cellular toxicity.

Even the highly aggressive form of breast cancer HER2+ is being down regulated by the utilization of peptide enhanced therapies.. The new polymalic acid-based mini nanodrugsare peptides are synthesized and specifically characterized to inhibit growth of HER2+ breast cancer. These mini nanodrugs are highly effective and may soon be able to be substituted for Trastuzumab.  The addition of the peptides have caused the HER2+ cells to be recognized, targeted and destroyed by the polymer-attached trastuzumab-mimetic 12-mer peptide at a faster and safer rate than ever, preventing cancer cell proliferation and and causing a significant reduction in tumor size by more than 15 times vs. untreated control group.

Cancer Targeting Peptides – Not to be used on human beings. These Peptides are for research purposes only. I do not have a financial interest in the company or any affiliation. Robert Morgan, ND


Peptides Turning Back The Hands of Time

There’s been a ton of buzz across the internet about peptides and how they can turn back the hands of time, rejuvenate your skin, rebuild your muscles, help you lose weight and enhance your wellbeing. It would probably be a good idea to know precisely what they are, and at what level will they satisfy our expectations? 

What Are Peptides? 

Naturally occuring in our foods and our bodies peptides are made up of strings of amino acids, which are the “building blocks” of all proteins.

Today, lab-created peptides can emulate a many of those which are naturally found in foods and our body’s. Over the past few years medical science utilizing peptide meds are beginning to treat:

  • ANTIMICROBIAL – Bacterial & Viral
  • HEMATOLOGY -Blood Disease
  • PAIN

In the next article we will review some of the studies that trackdown that specific kinds benefits peptides may have for your skin, muscles, and perhaps your weight. So, many small and multi-national organizations are incorporating peptides into skin, dietary enhancements as well as food supplements you can purchase over the counter, that we would be remiss if we did not address this powerful segment of health and beauty.

Remember that the FDA doesn’t direct beautifying agents and health enhancements as rigorously as medications. So be alert and use caution when purchasing and utilizing peptide items. 

For more info on Peptide Therapy, contact:

Robert Morgan, ND

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