Burt Juices Manhattan: By CHI Canadian Correspondant Burt Serfaty

New York, the city that never sleeps sure did a number on me. For the past two days I’ve been trekking around Manhattan visiting every organic juice bar on the island.


I call it research and development for my own upcoming organic juice bar in Toronto. Why re-invent the wheel? If it’s selling in New York it must be hot. So I asked around.

My first stop was Juice Press, all organic juices, smoothies and some raw food and snacks. At 70 east 1st St. I found this location had the right vibe. Of course the unusually warm and sunny weather sure helped get everyone dancing in the streets. So me being a typical guy, I went over to a group of stunning models to get their thoughts. I asked my first question and they all stood up to answer. This is a problem for me. I’m 5′ 6″. After asking them politely to have a seat they told me they love raw juices and smoothies because it keeps their energy up and their flat bellies full without having to eat a large meal. Then I found out there is a modelling agency in the neighborhood. I opted for the Frozone, a delicious smoothie made from coconut water, acai berry, banana, strawberry, raw cacao powder, bee pollen and a pinch of sea salt. All 17 ounces for $8.

My next stop was Organic Avenue on Sullivan St. in Soho. I was still full from the Frozone but I had to make some room for the Veggie Vibrance. Made from carrot, celery, cucumber, beet, spinach, swiss chard, lemon, ginger and parsley. I enjoyed this drink straight from the glass returnable bottle. I did find the taste of ginger overpowered the other ingredients, but then again I’m not the biggest fan of ginger.

On my second day I again started out at the Juice Press new location on Mott St. I had the Pico de Gallo, literally translated from spanish to mean chicken beak! Let me tell you it was awesome. Mesculen greens, a whole avocado filled with homemade salsa, vegan jalepeno cashew cheese, raw beets and sprouts but what made this salad work for me was the dressing.

The rest of the day I visited some family run juice bars that offered a mix of juices and food and some pretty odd choices. For example a sign read “Fresh organic vegetable juice 10% off with any choice of hamburger or chicken entree.”  You figure that one out. My day ended at another Organic Avenue location on 116 Suffolk in the lower east side. My choice this time was the “Creamy Orange Love Smoothie,” made with orange juice, coconut meat, lucuma powder, coconut sugar, vanilla, tumeric, Irish moss, Himalayan salt and stevia. A bit sweet for me but very tasty.

Tomorrow my last day in Manahattan its the Juicy Lucy Juice Bar and One Lucky Duck, with those names they’re a must visit. Oh, another reason why I love the Juice Press and Organic Avenue is all their food, juices and smoothies are certified Kosher. Sacred juice, you just can’t go wrong!


Go Coco Nuts! By CHI Canadian Coorespondant Burt Serfaty


In celebration of our center’s international presence we are going to start posting articles from members of our community from around the globe. This article and recipe about the benefits of coconuts comes from our first CHI Foreign Correspondant, former CHI Intern Burt Serfaty. Burt interned at the center last summer and has a new raw juice business in the Toronto area.  Click HERE to visit Burt’s website.

We thank Burt very sincerely for the following contribution to our blog:


Go Coco Nuts!

Coconut Milk, a refreshing creamy drink made from the water and
flesh of young Thai coconuts. But is coconut milk really bad for you? All the
hype out there makes me believe I will gain a ton of weight drinking coconut
milk. People will tell you the type of fat in coconuts is an inherently “bad fat.”
But oh how mistaken they are!
The fat found in coconuts is over 50 percent composed of a type of fat
known as lauric acid, a saturated fat found in mother’s milk. Because it is
one of the demonized saturated fatty acids, many have assumed it is
dangerous as it causes heart disease. Top fat researcher and author of the
book Know Your Fats, Mary G. Enig, PhD, claims that this fat should be
considered one of the essential fatty acids along with Omege 3 and 6. She
says that lauric acid enhances the immune system and protects against
viruses, yeasts, parasites and other pathogens in the gut. Coconut milk is
high in saturated fat (87% fats, 10% carbs, 3% proteins), but it is much
healthier than other saturated fat products. This milk is made up of short-
chain and medium-chain fatty acids that the body quickly turns into energy
instead of storing as fat. Therefore, although it is high in saturated fat,
coconut can aid in loosing weight!
So go ahead treat yourself to the creamy goodness of Coconut Milk!

  • 1 Young Thai Coconut, flesh and water – scrape out flesh and put in blender
    with the coconut water, (strain the water)
  • 8 ounces hot water below 110 degrees – add hot water
  •  Sweeten with 3-4 Dates or your choice of natural sweetener
  • Optional ingredients- 1 Tbls Raw Cocoa powder, 1 cup almond milk, ¼ Tsp
    Vanilla or a ripe banana.
  • Blend together for at least five minutes, the longer the blend and with the
    addition of hot water the coconut oils will be better released.