New Peptide Science Targets Breast Cancer Cells

Being able to target Breast Cancer cells, with peptides specifically designed to identify and destroy breast cancer cells is beginning to gain a foothold as a highly efficient approach to selectively deliver targeted destruction to cancer cells with minimal cellular toxicity.

Even the highly aggressive form of breast cancer HER2+ is being down regulated by the utilization of peptide enhanced therapies.. The new polymalic acid-based mini nanodrugsare peptides are synthesized and specifically characterized to inhibit growth of HER2+ breast cancer. These mini nanodrugs are highly effective and may soon be able to be substituted for Trastuzumab.  The addition of the peptides have caused the HER2+ cells to be recognized, targeted and destroyed by the polymer-attached trastuzumab-mimetic 12-mer peptide at a faster and safer rate than ever, preventing cancer cell proliferation and and causing a significant reduction in tumor size by more than 15 times vs. untreated control group.

Cancer Targeting Peptides – Not to be used on human beings. These Peptides are for research purposes only. I do not have a financial interest in the company or any affiliation. Robert Morgan, ND

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