Blast The Fat And Lose Weight Fast With This Easy To Make Weight Loss Drink

Losing weight has never been easier. All you have to do to reach your weight loss goal is to prepare and drink one glass of Fat Blaster each morning and eat regular healthy meals, throughout the day. Read the entire article.

CHI Juice Feasting Program Objectives & Accomplishments

Creative Health Institutes juice feasting program is in full swing.  contact our offices at 866.426.1213 for the latest information and start dates.

All of these items are occurring at once and yet they are in sequential order. When we juice feast we are addressing and achieving:

 1. Ending the addition of toxic/foreign/depleted foods into our bodies.

2. Drinking Nutrient Dense Living Juices with Superfoods / Supplements

3. Physiological Rest

4. Removing Un-eliminated Waste Matter in Small Intestine and Colon

5. Hydration

6. Removing Un-eliminated Toxins in the Blood, Lymph, and at the Cellular Level throughout the body

7. Alkalinization

8. Reduction/Eradication of Inflammation/Chronic Pain

9. Oxygenation

10. Rejuvenation of Metabolism and Digestive System

11. Restoration of Nutrients

12. Rebuilding Your Bodies Systems

Juice Feasting is not a weight loss program per se’. While people do lose weight, this is a side effect of removing the toxic and extraneous matter from your system and achieving superior health. Now is the time when you can say “I am going to be fully responsible for creating the best health possible for myself!” – David Rainochek

Thank you David and may all of our readers have the best day ever.

Bobby Morgan

The Healing Power of Juice Fasting and Raw Food


  1. Juice fasting: New York Post Graduate Hospital – cases of consumption – raw vegetable juices each day – within seven months the eleven patients were discharged as fit subjects for a life insurance risk.
  2. Raw juice fasting: Los Angeles at the Olive View Sanatorium – 200 tuberculosis patients – raw vegetable juices – recovery.
  3. Juice fasting: Kirshner – raw vegetable juices – recoveries from heart disease, prostrate gland disease, cancer, neuritis, arthritis, and hemorrhoids.
  4. Raw juice fasting: Dr. Kirshner – severe case of splenic leukemia – raw carrot juice – recovery was complete within 18 months – no recurrence.
  5. Juice fasting: Dr. Max Gerson – raw vegetable juices – treatment for cancer – gratifying results in about 50 per cent of his cancer cases – many complete recoveries.
  6. Juice fasting and raw diet: Dr. J. R. Davidson, Toronto – curing a number of cancer patients – raw vegetables, and raw vegetable juices.
  7. Raw juice fasting: Great Britain – The Ministry of Health and Public Health Service Laboratory report – pointing out the value of juices – in a wide variety of diseased conditions – hypertension, cardiovascular and kidney diseases and obesity – rheumatic, degenerative and toxic states. Juices have an all-around protective action.
  8. Juice fasting and raw diet: Great Britain report – good results – peptic ulceration – chronic diarrhea, colitis and toxemia of gastro and intestinal origin.
  9. Raw diet and juice fasting: Dr. Harold F Hawkins – at least half of all foods used in their raw state – pyorrhea, including infection of the alveolar bone which supports the teeth and gums – definite improvement in 60 or 90 days – improvement in bone density in about a year.
  10. Raw diet and juice fasting: Dr. Milton T. Hanke, University of Chicago and the Chicago Dental Research Club – adding the uncooked juices of citrus fruits to a conventional diet – 50 per cent reduction in the incidence of dental caries – almost complete disappearance of gingivitis.

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