Bobby’s Friend Shares A Sample 100% Raw Food Breakfast & Lunch Daily Diet Menu


Juice (optional) –  1/3 each carrot, celery, and cucumber juice – 8 oz. Energy Soup  -1 cup or more of -Leafy green, cucumber, celery, pepper, tomato sprouts, kelp or dulse. Melon or fruit –  1 cup. 1 to 2 oz. sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or almonds Lunch  Juice (optional), same as above Energy Soup –  Same as above with sprouted mung beans, avocado and at least 1 table spoon of whole flaxseed ground, 1 fruit, 4- 8 oz. seeds or nuts. Snack (optional) – Shredded raw yams, raisins  and carrots, or up to two bananas This program was given to me by a friend who is really into eating by the seasons. You may want to try it. Keep in mind you should also have energy soup with each meal and don’t forget the sea vegetables.  The winter menu should include more seeds and nuts along with more sprouted grains. Wishing you vibrant health and happiness, Bobby Robert Morgan Director Creative Health Institute Union City, MI