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Creaitve Health Institute

Union City, Michigan

Systems Permaculture(49) Organics(47) Sustainable Agriculture(31) Woodland Gardening(25) Agroforestry(21) General Gardening(42) Farming(16) Urban Permaculture(18) Vegan organics(10) Permaculture Design(16)
Specialities Trees and Woodlands(37) Wild Plants(30) Wild Food/Foraging(19) Rare Plants/Heritage Seeds(21) Compost(19) Soil(14) Water/Wetlands(12) Wildlife/Conservation(20) Bio-diversity(18) Wilderness(13) Drylands(9) Hydrology(8) Reedbeds(8) Traditional 3(0) Ally Cropping(2) botanical illustration(6) Ponds(10) Swales(6) Bee plants(9) Reforestation(11) Hemp(2) Tree nursary(8)
Plant Uses Trees(44) Edible Flowers(31) Root crops(28) Perennials(31) Herbs and Medicinal Plants(51) Soaps(4) Dyes(5) Fibres(7) Non Food Crops(10) New Crops(11) Coppicing(9) Fruit Crops(27) native plants(26) Biomass(8) Hedging(15) Fungi(15) Oil crops(4) House plants(20)
Ethics Vegan(11) Raw Food(14) Food Issues(9) Genetics/GMO(3) Landrights(4) Public Domain(4) Local Food(22) Climate Change(15) Agriculture(20) Vegetarian(10) Environment(38)
Related Green Building(27) Low impact living(30) Sustainable living(38) Wildcraft(13) Appropriate Technology(15) Animal Rights(3) Other Green Groups(8) Other Environmental(21) Health Issuesl
Orginisations types Co-ops(9) Communities(19) Eco-villages(12) Charities(16) Non Profit Groups(20) City Farms/Community Gardens(6) Academic(7) Govenmental(3) NGO
Activities Run Courses(29) Open To Public(25) Volunteering(28) Apprenticeships(7) Journal/Newsletter(14) Research(16) Confrences(10) Networking(17) Training(20) Consultancy(18) Talks(15)
Comercial Activities Books Stores/Publishers(10) Plant Suppliers(25) Plant Suppliers (Organic)(11) Seed Suppliers(10) Gardening Tools(16) Herb/Medicinal Suppliers(17) Sustainable plant products(10) Farmers Markets(7) Other commercial(9) Buisness services(12) Garden Design(11) Individual books(3)
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data recovery software freeware
Simple and secure data recovery software enables user to retrieve lost data, files and folders after unnecessary human step.
Country Austria Region WA
Sections :Farming  
Portuguese Permaculture Institute of Vale da Lama
We develop various activities, such as PDC, Internship Permaculture Courses, workshops and others.
Country Portugal Region Lagos, Algarve
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Lower Bruckland Nature Reserve
UK nature reserve with a variety of trees and habitats with extensive plans to replant and grow further.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Wildlife/ConservationTreesAgricultureEnvironmentPhoto GallerysNews SitesFarmingnative plantsHedgingBlogsTrees and WoodlandsOpen To Public  
Inventory Control Barcode Label Maker
Company offers retail barcodes utility has capability to generate labels with high resolution using latest barcode designing features.
Sections :Communities  
barcode free
Company provides barcodes generator creator tool generates high quality linear and 2D barcode labels, stickers and tags etc.
Country United States Region NY
Sections :Directories/Listings  
free keylogger
Compatible and convenient download free key logger methodology captures student computer lab activities in secret mode.
Sections :Communities  
recovery data software
Fully functioned recovery data software for iPods revives removed graphic files, mp3 music tracks and audio clips in their actual formats from corrupted major models of iPods.
Country United States Region state
Sections :Directories/Listings  
barcode software
Affordable barcode creator utility to create and generate wide variety of bar code pictures in all major file formats like wmf, gif, tiff, exif etc.
Country United States Region USA
Sections :Networks  
Oak Leaf Gardening
Oak Leaf Gardening is a source of gardening information & inspiration. We’ll help you find the right plant, identify a problem or manage your garden tasks. Plus, you can use our forum for 1:1 advice.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Plant Databases  
ESdat Environmental Data Management Software
ESdat is a specialist environmental data management system, for use by environmental consultants and site managers; particularly those concerned with contaminated / industrial sites, groundwater investigations, landfill and regulatory compliance. ESdat allows for efficient importing from a range of systems or data sources into a central environmental database; providesdata comparison and analysis, comprehensive reporting, and integration with other software. The system also performs QA analysis and has automatic data validation checks.
Sections :HydrologyOther EnvironmentalTrainingConsultancyBuisness servicesResearchEnvironmentOther commercial  
EarthScience Information Systems Pty Ltd (EScIS)
EarthScience Information Systems Pty Ltd (EScIS) provide geo-environmental software and data services, support and training.EScIS provides consulting to assist with your geological and environmental sciences data management, analysis, and reporting requirements.
Sections :HydrologyOther EnvironmentalTrainingConsultancyBuisness servicesAppropriate Technology  
native species supplier, permaculture and nature
a wildflower business, selling seed mixtures and permaculture products, such as orchard seed mixtures ad green roof seeds. specialising in native and edible or useful wildflowers.
Country Ireland Region Co Laois
Sections :Woodland GardeningGeneral GardeningPermaculture DesignRare Plants/Heritage SeedsWildlife/ConservationHerbs and Medicinal PlantsNon Food CropsAgricultureConsultancyTalksSeed SuppliersHerb/Medicinal SuppliersSustainable AgricultureEnvironmentBio-diversitynative plantsGreen BuildingTrainingFloraAgroforestryWild PlantsWildcraftPhoto GallerysFarmingResearchBotanical InformationRun CoursesWildernessEdible FlowersPermacultureWild Food/ForagingPerennialsPlant Suppliers The Grassroots Healthcare Network is a membership community for sharing the knowledge and wisdom of plant based medicine.
Country United States Region California
Sections :Herbs and Medicinal PlantsSustainable livingSpiritualYogaHealth IssuesGardening Tools  
Land Design Blog
Up-to-date landscape architectural and environmental news, events, technical information and issues.
Country UK (Nothern Ireland)  
Sections :Journal/NewsletterResearchTrainingBlogsLitrature reviewComunity compostingNetworkingConfrencesTalksConsultancyPlant SuppliersGarden Design  
BabyGanics – Safe Houshold Baby Products
BabyGanics manufactures effective and natural household products that are safe for babies.
Country United States Region NY
Sections :CommunitiesOrganics  
BabyDetergents – Reviews on Baby Products
BabyDetergents provides reviews on several baby products that works well on babies clothes.
Country United States Region NY
Sections :OrganicsReforestation  
Earthshore Co. Herbal Remedies
Herb Plants and Natural Remedies have been widely used for centuries. We carry many types of fragrance oils, and natural products.
Country United States  
Sections :OrganicsVegan organicsbotanical illustrationEdible FlowersPlant Suppliers (Organic)Herb/Medicinal SuppliersWild PlantsDirectories/ListingsHerbs and Medicinal PlantsDirectories/ListingsFloraBotanical Information  
Permaculture Inspired project based in Bulgaria
Country Bulgaria  
Sections :PermacultureWoodland GardeningOrganicsOrganics  
Enota eco village
Enota is based on shared ecological and social values and Rudolph Steiners biodynamic agricultural principals. Working with the principle of not taking more from the Earth than one gives back, Enota has the potential to be sustainable indefinitely, cooperating and living in co-creation with nature.
Country United States Region towns,ga. sw
Sections :OrganicsSustainable AgricultureTrees and WoodlandsCompostBio-diversityPondsEdible FlowersHerbs and Medicinal PlantsFruit CropsHouse plantsGreen BuildingSustainable livingOther Green GroupsSpiritualGardening ToolsAgricultureEnvironmentOpen To PublicNetworkingHerb/Medicinal SuppliersSustainable plant productsFarmers MarketsEco-villagesFarmingPhoto GallerysWild PlantsSoilHydrologyReforestationRoot cropsFungiAnimal RightsOther EnvironmentalRaw FoodConfrencesCommunitiesVegan organicsVeganVolunteeringWildlife/ConservationVegetarianNon Profit Groups  
Eco-friendly Web Design
At Pemberton Creative we build and host environmentally friendly websites. We are committed to doing our part to help support renewable energy programs and minimizing the impact that our business has on the environment. All our new websites servers are now 130% wind powered! We’re not just neutralizing our environmental impact, we’re reversing it!
Sections :Sustainable livingOther EnvironmentalOther commercial  
Holt Wood Herbs
The Holt Wood Herbs project is in North Devon and is based around the aim of developing sustainable home production of medicinal tree and shrub products. The project involves a 2 1/2 acre site designed by a medical herbalist. The site is an ex-conifer plantation and has been planted since 2005 with a range of native and introduced medicinal trees and shrubs. At present the owners are working to keep weeds down and establish trees and gain experience in coppicing of medicinal trees. Occasional Working Days and Open Days are held, and a newsletter produced several times per year.
Country UK (England) Region Devon
Sections :OrganicsWoodland GardeningAgroforestryHerbs and Medicinal PlantsHerb/Medicinal SuppliersTrees and WoodlandsSustainable plant productsJournal/NewsletterSustainable living  
Takesumi Bamboo Biochar
Takesumi Bamboo Biochar is a natural soil mix that improves fertility whilst reducing your carbon footprint. Grow stronger lusher plants and help the environment without the use of chemicals.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
WTE – Sewage Treatment Plant and Septic Tank Systems
WTE provides NON-ELECTRIC sewage treatment solutions, septic tanks, cesspits, sewage treatment plant and wastewater systems for sustainable building projects. We also have a page on what plants you can grow and how to garden over a septic tank drainfield.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
Hedgerow Harvest
Hedgerow Harvest offer a growing range of foraging and wild food courses in Wiltshire and Dorset. These relaxed, educational and fun courses aim to introduce people to the wealth of nature’s larder.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Wild Food/ForagingTreesEdible Flowersnative plantsFungiRun Courses  
Where The Green Things Are
Backyard experiments in permaculture, natural farming, food forests and more.
Country South Africa  
Sections :SoilHerbs and Medicinal PlantsOrganicsSustainable AgricultureGeneral GardeningUrban PermaculturePermaculture DesignCompostPermacultureSustainable livingSpiritualLocal FoodVegetarianBlogs  
Wychwood Forestry Tree Surgeons
Advice, tips, tree diagnosis, tree services and tree related information by Wychwood Forestry Tree Surgeons
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Sustainable AgricultureWoodland GardeningAgroforestryTrees and WoodlandsRare Plants/Heritage SeedsReforestationTreesNew CropsBiomassLow impact livingOther EnvironmentalJournal/NewsletterConfrencesTrainingSustainable plant productsOther commercialGarden DesignPhoto GallerysMailing lists/ForumsPolitical  
Vegetable and flower seeds.
Good range of vegetable and flower seeds. Including heirloom varieties. With the popularity of heritage varieties in mind, lots of heirloom tomato and sweet pea can be found on the site alongside with other species.
Country UK (England) Region London
Sections :General GardeningRare Plants/Heritage SeedsBee plantsPerennialsHerbs and Medicinal PlantsAgricultureSeed SuppliersPhoto Gallerys  
Wild and Free: a blog
I blog about wild edibles in 98 bio-region, the Inland Northwest. I live in Spokane, WA. These articles are all previously published by the Moscow (Idaho) Food Coop Newsletter. Now I am posting them, month by month on a blog devoted solely to wild edibles. I include 98 own sketches as well. I cite sources and entertain, all in one 700 word or less essay.
Country United States Region WA
Sections :Wild PlantsWild Food/ForagingEdible Flowers  
forest garden starting in andalucia
Maureen and Phil Rooksby have just started work on a 2.5 ha forest garden in the Sierra de Aracena, and welcome volunteers to come and help with the work. Write to us, via the blog We also need cuttings and seeds.
Country Spain Region Huelva
Sections :OrganicsSustainable AgricultureWoodland GardeningAgroforestryGeneral GardeningVegan organicsTrees and WoodlandsWild Food/ForagingCompostSoilBio-diversityDrylandsTraditional Plant UsesReforestationTree nursaryTreesEdible FlowersPerennialsHerbs and Medicinal PlantsFruit CropsFungiGreen BuildingLow impact livingSustainable livingAppropriate TechnologyHealth IssuesSpiritualVeganRaw FoodVegetarianOpen To PublicVolunteeringBooks Stores/PublishersIndividual booksBlogs  
Hopes Grove Gardening Nursery
Hopes Grove Nurseries, the best gardening nursery in the UK. Hopes Grove Garden Nurseries Kent have a wide range on hedges & plants available online and specialize in hedging, young fruit trees, Azaleas and Rhododendrons.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Trees and WoodlandsTreesPerennialsFruit Cropsnative plantsHedgingHouse plantsPlant Suppliers  
Healing Spirit Plants
Healing Spirit Plants: a medicinal plants garden nursery located in Berkeley California, is a manifestation of the realization that plant energies are compassionate:connecting deep within us. Their life force energies invite our bodies and consciousness to harmonize our energies with them, entering us into healing flow. Their very presence invites and facilitates our deepening of inner sensitivity: fine tuning into delicacy. We grow and offer medicinal, useful, and Light energy producing plants from diverse cultures to local San Francisco Bay Area (where these plants can also be successfully grown)residents.
Country United States Region CA, San Francisco Bay area
Sections :Traditional Plant UsesHerbs and Medicinal PlantsDyesLow impact livingSustainable livingPlant SuppliersPlant Suppliers (Organic)Herb/Medicinal Suppliers  
Plant Biographies
Extensive collection of biographies about plants, which have many details on uses and cultural significance of individual plants. For example the page on stinging nettle mentions Bronze age use and shakespearaing quotes.
Sections :Traditional Plant UsesPlant Databases  
Australia’s Exotic Plants
Online nursery offering rare & exotic plants to Australia
Country Australia Region Queensland
Sections :General GardeningRare Plants/Heritage SeedsFruit Cropsnative plantsHedgingHouse plantsPlant SuppliersPhoto GallerysFloraBlogs  
Nigel’s Eco Store
Nigel’s Eco Store is an award winning eco store, where you’ll find hundreds of environmentally friendly products for sustainable, low carbon living, including recycled bags, energy saving gadgets, green gifts, and lots of other eco friendly products and gifts.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :OrganicsGeneral GardeningLow impact livingSustainable livingClimate ChangeEnvironmentGardening ToolsSustainable plant products  
Plants and Fungi – Pflanzenbilder
Rare Plants and Fungi in germany
Country Germany  
Sections :Wild PlantsWater/WetlandsWildernessPhoto GallerysPlant DatabasesBotanical Information  
A site for wetlands research, education and policy.
Country United States Region CT
Sections :Trees and WoodlandsSoilWater/WetlandsWildlife/ConservationHydrologyPondsSwales  
Mature peyote cactus: Lophophora Williamsii
Crazycacti: The home of mature peyote (lophophora williamsi), rare cacti, seeds and succulents
Country UK (Nothern Ireland)  
Sections :  
Self Sufficiency Guide
A practical gude to increasing the self-sufficiency of any home in any environment. Make the most of what little space you might have to make a difference.
Sections :OrganicsSustainable AgricultureGeneral GardeningUrban PermacultureLow impact livingSustainable livingFood IssuesEnvironment  
Wildcrafts Bushcraft and Survival School
Bushcraft and Survival School based in Essex, who run Bushcraft and Survival courses, covering many wilderness subjects. One day, weekend and one week courses available. Caters for individual, private group, scout, cadet and corporate bookings. One Day Bushcraft courses only £55 pp. Mr Les Davidson Call: 07877026082 Email: Website:
Country UK (England) Region Essex
Sections :Trees and WoodlandsWild PlantsWild Food/ForagingWildernessTreesEdible FlowersRoot cropsFungiWildcraftRun CoursesTrainingPhoto Gallerys  
The Alternative Kitchen Garden
The Alternative Kitchen Garden is a free podcast (online radio show) all about growing edible and useful plants in an environmentally friendly way. Permaculture, composting, wildlife, and other aspects of sustainable living are covered. There’s also a blog.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :General GardeningUrban PermacultureWild Food/ForagingRare Plants/Heritage SeedsEdible FlowersRoot cropsPerennialsHerbs and Medicinal PlantsNew CropsFruit CropsFungiHouse plantsSustainable livingLocal FoodClimate ChangeEnvironmentBlogs  
Drew George & Partners
DGP provides LEED consulting, commissioning and workshop services for new and existing green building projects.
Country United States Region CA
Sections :Low impact livingSustainable livingOther Green GroupsOther EnvironmentalComunity compostingEnvironmentNetworkingTrainingConsultancyBuisness servicesGreen Building  
Nicholson’s Herb Farm
A small family-run business selling fresh herbs online including herbs for wildlife and special collections for bees and companion planting.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Herbs and Medicinal PlantsPlant SuppliersEdible FlowersLocal FoodPerennialsGeneral GardeningBee plantsHerb/Medicinal SuppliersFarmers Markets  
Yogi Botanicals | Organic Spices | Herbs | Honey | Dried Flowers | Oleoresigns | Extracts | Essential Oils
Yogi Botanicals supports organic farming projects by connecting local growers with mainstream manufacturers/buyers and providing them with the most beneficial economic as well as ecological choice.
Country India  
Sections :PermacultureOrganicsYogaLocal FoodAgriculture  
Gru Tea | Bulk Tea | Bulk Green Tea Bags | Lemon Tea | Tulsi Tea | Yogi Tea
Ranbir Singh Bhai is the co-founder of “Yogi Tea-a renowned lifestyle tea in USA since 80s”. His experience and realization became the vision of Gru Tea: to inspire the well being of mind, body and spirit with the simple art of tea.
Country India  
Sections :PermacultureYoga  
Digital Nature
Wild-plants in germany
Country Germany  
Sections :Wild PlantsWater/WetlandsWildernessHerbs and Medicinal Plantsnative plantsFungiResearchPhoto GallerysBotanical InformationFlora  
Public domain images of plants
Public domain plant images, top quality high resolution images, thousands of plant photos in nicely hierarchically organized folders, easy to browse, and all are free for download and any personal and/or commercial use.
Country United States  
Sections :Sustainable AgricultureAgroforestryPermaculture DesignTrees and WoodlandsWild PlantsWild Food/ForagingRare Plants/Heritage SeedsWildlife/ConservationBio-diversitybotanical illustrationBee plantsPublic DomainOpen To PublicPhoto GallerysPlant DatabasesCharities  
Geographe Community Landcare Nursery
A nursery based in southwest australia. Which specalises in local plants has good info on the flora of Busselton (and surrounding areas).
Country Australia  
Sections :General GardeningPlant SuppliersFlora  
Online Land Planning
Online Land Planning is a collaborative of specialized alternative energy and land planning experts who consult on integrated strategies for property owners interested in locating and developing land based on a sustainable design approach. OLP utilizes and share internet resources to consolidate and provide initial land planning solutions for most properties based on available data on wind, geothermal, permaculture opportunities, wastewater treatment, biomass, agroforestry, landfill, hydro agriculture, bioremediation and potential for waste loop optimization.
Country United States Region Global
Sections :Directories/ListingsBlogsCommunitiesEco-villagesGovenmentalSustainable AgricultureAgroforestryPermaculture DesignLandrightsClimate ChangeEnvironmentVolunteeringOil cropsGreen BuildingSustainable livingAppropriate TechnologyOther EnvironmentalComunity compostingBio-diversityNew CropsBiomassConsultancy  
Taste the wild
Fun, hands on wild food and foraging courses for all ages. Based in North Yorkshire.
Country UK (England) Region Yorkshire
Sections :Wild PlantsWild Food/ForagingWilderness  
Eat Weeds Wild Food Guide
Your Wild Food Guide to Edible Plants & Edible Mushrooms of Great Britain
Country UK (England) Region Devon
Sections :Wild Plants  
Permaculture Principals
A detailed guide to various principals. I particularly liked “obtain a yield: ensure you are getting useful rewards as part of the work you are doing”. Obvious but often missing.
Sections :Permaculture  
akha world
Ethnobotany of the Akha in Thailand.
Country Italy  
Sections :Wildlife/ConservationTrees and WoodlandsTraditional Plant UsesEdible FlowersReedbedsWildernessBio-diversityTreesHerbs and Medicinal PlantsDyesFibresNon Food Cropsnative plantsResearchPhoto GallerysPlant DatabasesBotanical InformationEthnobotanyFloraNon Profit Groups  
Salvia Divinorum | Buy Salvia Divinorum
Looking to grow salvia plants of various strains? We are working on everything from salvia extracts to salvia plants themselves. They really are a beautiful plant if you have seen them when in flower. Amazing.
Country United States Region US
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Advanced Herbal Formulae For all Health Problems. Est 1978 By Dr Karen J Stevens. S.D.A.D. R.N.A. R.G.N. Bsc. Msc. Ph.D. B.S.Y.A (Herb). B.S.Y.A (Irid). B.S.Y.A (Auric) B.S.Y.A (Reflex). M.A.S.C. M.N.M.S. Research Medical Herbalist & Founder Earthsense Mission Statement: To research cures for serious/terminal diseases/illnesses from herbal/alternative medicines and to establish the UK’s first hospital for Complementary Medicine as a charity to that everyone, not just those who can afford it, can access all forms of alternative medicine.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
Goji Berry Plants provides information on goji berry seeds and how to grow goji plants.
Country United States Region OR
Sections :Wild Food/ForagingCompostPlant Suppliers (Organic)  
Trueways Survival and Bushcraft School
Lofty Wiseman and the team at Trueways Survival School offer a range of Survival Training and Bushcraft Courses to Individuals, Groups and Corporates throughout the UK. All ages and abilities welcome on courses covering foraging and wild food, shelter building, fire, signalling and navigation techniques.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Trees and WoodlandsWild PlantsWild Food/ForagingTreesEdible FlowersFungiWildcraftRun CoursesOpen To PublicApprenticeshipsJournal/NewsletterTrainingConsultancyTalksBuisness servicesPhoto GallerysMailing lists/ForumsBlogsrecipe site  
Celtnet Wild Food Recipes
An extensive collection of recipes based around or incorporating wild and foraged plants. Includes methods of cooking and the edible uses of plants.
Country UK (England) Region Cheshire
Sections :Non Profit GroupsWild Food/ForagingEdible FlowersRoot cropsPerennialsHerbs and Medicinal PlantsFruit Cropsnative plantsFungirecipe site  
Compost Bin
Online retailer specializes in compost bins, compost tumblers and other environmentally friendly accessories such as rain barrels, chipper shredders, lawn sweepers and raised garden beds.
Country United States Region CA
Sections :General GardeningCompostGardening Tools  
Trees for Survival
The Trees for Survival programme is run by the TFS Charitable Trust which promotes the growing and planting of native trees and shrubs to: * Help control soil erosion * Safeguard water quality * New habitats for native birds, other plants and animals * Beautify our environment * Remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere * Renew a natural resource
Country New Zealand  
Sections :Trees and WoodlandsReforestationTreesOther EnvironmentalPlant DatabasesNews SitesEco-villages  
Organic gardening
Helpful organic gardening information, articles and tips. Topics include: mulch, compost, organic pest control, companion planting and more. Visit us at for details.
Country France  
Sections :OrganicsSustainable Agriculture  
We are building food-forest-theater-studios to create media. Our studios will research sacred poetry based on tree-lore and seasonal observation of life. They will also act as sanctuary to at risk life-forms Then we will produce media to get humans into the “Art of the Fugue” and have them re-fusing to Our Lady Gaia.
Country United States Region 92595
Sections :PermacultureOrganicsSustainable AgricultureWoodland GardeningAgroforestryUrban PermacultureCompostSoilWildlife/ConservationBio-diversityTreesHerbs and Medicinal PlantsFruit Cropsnative plantsBiomassFungiLow impact livingSustainable livingWildcraftAppropriate TechnologyAnimal RightsHealth IssuesSpiritualRaw FoodFood IssuesGenetics/GMOPublic DomainLocal FoodClimate ChangeOpen To PublicVolunteeringResearchNetworkingTalksPlant SuppliersFarmers MarketsEthnobotanyCommunitiesEco-villagesNetworks  
Types of Flowers
Tips for identifying West Coast native flowering plants and mushrooms.
Country United States  
Sections :TreesHedgingNews Sites  
Nature’s Secret Larder
A great site for anyone interested in wild foods and useful plants and trees. Wild food and bushcraft courses can also be found here too!
Country UK (England)  
Sections :PermacultureWoodland GardeningUrban PermacultureTrees and WoodlandsWild PlantsWild Food/ForagingTreesEdible FlowersRoot cropsPerennialsHerbs and Medicinal PlantsSoapsDyesFibresCoppicingFruit Cropsnative plantsFungiLow impact livingSustainable livingWildcraftOther EnvironmentalLocal FoodEnvironmentRun CoursesTrainingConsultancyTalksPhoto GallerysPlant DatabasesNews SitesEthnobotanyFloraBlogsrecipe site  
Plants for Sale
Jackson’s Online Garden Centre offers a massive selection of plants and gardening items online at very competitive prices.
Country UK (England) Region Staffordshire
Sections :Wild PlantsRare Plants/Heritage SeedsTraditional Plant UsesTreesPerennialsHedgingHouse plantsGardening ToolsOpen To PublicPlant SuppliersSeed Suppliers  
Sea Buckthorn Oil
Sea Buckthorn Nutrient Components: High content of vitamin C(1500mg/100g ),more than 30 flavonoid compounds,more than 20 animo acids, 20 micro elements, more than10 unsaturated fatty acids, 200 bioactive substances, including alkaloids,terpenoids and phosphatides. Improve antifatigue ability, anti-age, stop carcinogen production a nd control cancer cell growth, radiation hardening,cholesterol decrease, prevent high blood pressure and stroke, cure tracheitis, asthma,gastric ulcer, enteritis and diarrhea. In addition, it can ease pain efficiently. Nutrition health products, functional foods, assistant therapeutic agent of radiotherapy and chemical treatment, baby foods, middle and old age foods, cosmetics and pharmaceutical materials.
Country UK (England) Region SC
Sections :Herb/Medicinal SuppliersBuisness services  
rare Medicinal Herbs , seeds , Seaweeds , marine products
We introduce ourselves as one of the oldest and reputed Cultivators , Exporters & Importers of Medicinal Herbs , Seeds, Resins , Sea weeds, Wood and Wood wastes of India having experience of more than 50 years to our credit. We are interested in many herbs like ( Minimum 100 Kgs each). Aletris farinosa. ( True Unicorn roots) Adonis vernalis. (Phesants eye) Apocynum cannabinum. ( Dog`s bane) Aralea racemosa. ( American Spikenard) Arnica montana . Baptisia tinctoria. Caullophyllum thalactroides. ( Blue Cohosh) Chionanthus v. ( Fringe tree bark) Chelone glabra. ( Balmony) Ceanothus americana. ( New Jersey Tea) Chimaphilla umbellata. ( Pippsissewa) Chelidonium majus. Convallaria majalis. Damiana. Echinacea angustifolia. Eupatorium perfoliatum. ( Boneset) Fraxinus americana bark. Fucus V. (Bladderwrack) Goldenseal . ( Hydrastis canadaensis) Grindelia robusta. ( Gum plant) Gentiana lutea. (Bitterwort) Guaiacum officinalis. Haemamelis virginica. (Witch Hazel) Helleborous niger. Helonias d . Hydrangea arborescens. Jaborandi leaves. Mahonia aquifollium .( Oreganos grape) Rhus toxicodendron. Sanguinaria canadensis. Scutelleria l. Senecio aureus. Symphytum. ( Comfrey) Teucrium marum varum Uva ursi. Veratrum album , viridis. Yohimbinum. and many many more……………………………… We would be glad to serve you if you are interested in any herbs from India like Alfalfa , Aesculus hip , Alpinia galangal, Ashwagandha , Asparagus , Banaba leaves , Bellis per, Calendulla, Carduus marianus, Hyoscymus niger , Janosia Ashok Bark , Plantago major, Urtica urens , Viburnum Bark , Wild cherry Bark and many more rare herbs. On receiving your reply , we will immediately forward you our list of about 300 herbs
Country India  
Sections :AgroforestryGeneral GardeningFarmingWild PlantsRare Plants/Heritage SeedsTreesEdible FlowersRoot cropsPerennialsHerbs and Medicinal PlantsWildcraft  
Lake Renewable Energy Store
Solar Garden Lights,Water Features,Solar Charging for the home,Vehicle and boat. Energy saving,fuel saving devices and Eco products .
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Low impact livingSustainable livingFlora  
Destination Tropicals – Rare Tropical Fruit Trees and Plants has the largest database of rare tropical fruit trees and plants on the web. Not only you can find detailed description of rare tropical fruit trees and plants, but we also have beautiful pictures that will help you pick the right tree for your tropical garden.
Country United States Region 34467
Sections :TreesPhoto GallerysPlant DatabasesWild PlantsWild Food/Foraging  
the Blue Carrot market garden
Small chemical-free market garden on Cornwall’s Roseland Peninsular, growing seasonal and unusual vegetables and herbs for taste rather than yield, without the use of harmful pesticides and other chemicals. Selling to local hotels, restaurants and visitors.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Edible FlowersRoot cropsHerbs and Medicinal PlantsNew CropsRaw FoodLocal FoodAgricultureEnvironmentOpen To PublicPlant SuppliersHerb/Medicinal Suppliers  
WWOOF Sweden
World Wide Opportunity on Organic Farm – Work as a volunteer on Organic farms in Sweden or in the rest of the world.
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Wild-Kraeuter & mehr
Main aim of 98 site is to spread the knowledge about edible plants. How grow and to pick them. And EASY ways of prepairing/cooking them. Generous support is given to people who want to sell this stuff (fresh wild leafy produce) professionally, too.
Country Germany Region Niedersachsen, Wendland
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Plant & Gardening Tips
Plant care and gardening site the lets visitors ask questions and make comments. Get advice and information on anything from annuals to vines.
Country United States  
Sections :Edible FlowersGeneral GardeningHerbs and Medicinal PlantsHouse plants  
AB-Cultivars – Echinacea purpurea
We are developing new plants that are real improvements on existing sorts or supplements of the existing range. At the moment there are five Echinacea cultivars in production.
Country Netherlands Region NL
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Buy Plants Online
An online garden centre offering extensive plant descriptions and plant information for over 800 different varieties of garden plants.
Country UK (England) Region Staffordshire
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Sustainable garden offices.
We design eco-friendly garden offices using locally sourced hewatwood larch, cedar shingles and high levels of insulation.Our garden offices require minimal heating and are designed to last indefinitely without using preservatives.
Country UK (England) Region Lancashire
Sections :  
Carymoor Environmental Centre
An environment centre set in 100 acres of reclaimed landfill. Offer course and a research program. Including a 300 + species wild plant collection; 100 + species tree trail (UK species); Somerset variety orchard; and a large collection of willow species/varieties.
Country UK (England) Region Somerset
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Scionwood exchange website (edible fruits, rare fruits). More than 1500 varieties with graded descriptions. (French language. Free. No ads.)
Country France  
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Midwest Permaculture
Midwest Permaculture is the outgrowth of decades of experience and preparation which culminated in the creation of a powerful Permaculture Design Certification Course held in Stelle, Illinois, in October of 2006. The course was delivered by Bill Wilson, Wayne Weiseman, and Mark Shepard and hosted in the unique community of Stelle, IL. Midwest Permaculture is a business created and owned by Bill and Becky Wilson of Stelle (30 year residents) with the goal of promoting more sustainable ways of living and providing quality permaculture education and training.
Country United States Region IL
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Fair trade and organic products from
Footprintfriendly for fair trade, ethical and organic gardening products and services that will reduce carbon footprint and help consumers lead a greener cleaner life.
Country UK (Nothern Ireland)  
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Organic Vegetable Gardening Holidays in France
For a stimulating, rewarding and enjoyable break, come and join us with like-minded people on one of our residential courses which are held throughout the year. We feel that Limousin is the ideal location in which to hold courses in France. All of our learning holidays focus on and celebrate the environment in some way.
Country France  
Sections :Low impact livingSustainable livingRun CoursesGarden Design  
GreenHenge – The Environmental Hub
GreenHenge is an environmental-focused hub designed to provide one central source for locating web sites based on some aspect of our environment. This may include nature photographers, merchants offering solar products, wildlife preservation groups, science research sites, and more.
Country United States  
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TyTy Native Plant Nursery
Native plant and tree stock shipped to your location. See online catalog for details.
Country United States Region GA
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Garden Plants of India
Description of plants used in indian gardening, useful info for asian gardeners.
Country India Region West Bengal
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Future’s Nature and Sciences Dynamic Forum
Dynamic portal about future technologies , nature, living, and social sciences.
Country Canada  
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Forestry and other Environmental Games
Free online environmental games, ecological footprint calculators, quizzes, and polls. Games for the planet @
Country Canada Region Ontario
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Chew Valley Trees Nursery
Tree nursery selling top quality specimen native and ornamental trees, shrubs, hedging and fruit trees. Available bare root and container grown.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Trees and WoodlandsTree nursaryTreesHedgingAgricultureEnvironmentOpen To PublicPlant SuppliersPlant Databases  
Gardens for wildlife
Great website on wildlife frendly gradening, lots of good factsheets on how to encourage various forms of wildlife, plus a good set of links and a reading list.
Country UK (England) Region London
Sections :General GardeningWildlife/Conservation  
A vegetable gardening website and friendly forum helping gardeners grow their own fresh, tasty vegetables, herbs and fruit. Including vegetable growing guides and seed saving guides.
Country UK (England)  
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Maya Mountain Research Farm, a Permaculture Project in Belize
Maya Mountain Research Farm is a small registered NGO working on issues of food security and biodiversity. Using agroforestry and ethnobotany, MMRF is a collection of hundreds of plant species of use to people. The farm is well developed. We do outreach, host interns and conduct training and courses. Our client base includes several universities and NGOs, Peace Corps, Government of Belize. Right now we are working on a vanilla project that is very exciting.
Country Belize Region Toledo
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Chyan Community Field
A two acre organic forest garden. The field is leased to Swamp Circus Trust, a registered charity to develop this green space for use by the local community and partners. The field has a central walled garden and radiating sections worked by the project’s partners and volunteers. Our aim is to involve local environmentalists, community groups, farmers and gardeners, old and young, to develop their own permaculture projects and enjoy the land.
Country UK (England) Region cornwall
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Greenman Bushcraft Ltd
Find out more about nature’s bounty, Greenman Bushcraft Ltd offers you a wide range of bushcraft and outdoor courses, including nature photography, wild food, tree & plant ID and wildlife watching. We can also provide bespoke courses and one-to-one tuition. At Greenman Bushcraft you’ll also discover a large selection of some of the best outdoor equipment that you can purchase today. Our product range is expanding all of the time and we even have a bargain basement, which is definitely worth checking out!
Country UK (England)  
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Ecocentre – Permaculture Centre and Ecovillage in Brazil
A Living and Learning centre in the heart of Brazil. The Ecocentre was designed and built as a reference centre for sustainable living in South America with focus on growing food, caring for water resources and building ecological structures to support an ecovillage. The Ecocentre offers a number of courses and internships and is a non profit organization with projects in several regions of Brazil and as far as Africa and Portugal.
Country Brazil  
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Ecocentre – Permaculture Centre and Ecovillage in Brazil
A Living and Learning centre in the heart of Brazil. The Ecocentre was designed and built as a reference centre for sustainable living in South America with focus on growing food, caring for water resources and building ecological structures to support an ecovillage. The Ecocentre offers a number of courses and internships and is a non profit organization with projects in several regions of Brazil and as far as Africa and Portugal.
Country Portugal Region Many
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A wiki dedicated to appropriate technology and related issues. has an extensive selection of articles on Food and agriculture.
Sections :Sustainable AgricultureGreen BuildingAppropriate TechnologyWiki  
Fruit growing in Scotland
The greenhouse effect is giving us a new climate in Scotland allowing us to grow more exotic plants, such as grapes, figs, peaches, and travel abroad has given us experiences of the Saskatoon (Amelanchier alnifolia), from Canada. Trials with native Blaeberries (Vaccinium 98rtillus)are very pleasing. Information on webpage about Fruit growing in Scotland at
Country UK (Scotland) Region Tayside
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Essential Oils and Medicinal Plants from India
producers and suppliers of natural essential oils, medicinal plants, herbs, herbal extracts from India. We have our own cultivation facilities through corporate farming and contract farming.
Country India Region maharashtra
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Compost Products
A comprehensive selection of composters and compost bins, worm (vermiculture) systems, recycling tools, water saving devices, rain barrels and ecological yard and garden accessories. Be part of the solution and start composting today!
Country United States  
Sections :OrganicsGeneral GardeningCompostSoilHedgingFungiOther Green GroupsOther EnvironmentalHealth IssuesComunity compostingGardening ToolsClimate ChangeAgricultureEnvironmentBooks Stores/Publishers  
Permaculture Association (Isle of Man)
A charity establish in 1998 the assocition links permacultralists in the Isle of Man, run work-parties, course and has a library.
Country UK (England) Region Isle of Man
Sections :PermacultureRun CoursesVolunteeringCharities  
Africa Organics supporting the Home Farm Project
This charity has been set up to help provide sustainable organic food, farming and employment to rural villages in Africa.
Country The Gambia  
Sections :PermacultureOrganicsSustainable AgricultureGeneral GardeningCompostDrylandsTreesRoot cropsPerennialsHedgingVolunteeringTrainingCharitiesNGOCollective  
Permaculture Institute
Founded in 1997 as the sister organization to the Permaculture Institute of Australia, the Permaculture Institute is one of the leading permaculture educational institution in the US. Our mission is to promote sustainable living skills through education, networking and demonstration projects. We facilitate networking among permaculture groups and projects in NM/Southwestern region and beyond. Our website is full of practical information on plant guilds, backyard animal husbandry, gardening in the nature’s image, water harvesting and community building.
Country United States Region NM, CO, AZ, CA, UT, NE, TX
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Natural Living – A Much Better Way
Natural Living gives tips for creating a green home with natural cleaning products, organic personal care products, energy efficiency, green building materials, air filters and water filters.
Country United States Region US
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Aussies Living Simply
We are a community focused on sustainability, permaculture, organic gardening, backyard livestock, simple living and stepping lightly on the planet. We invite you to become a member, it’s free and you’ll be part of one of the most interesting and friendly groups on the net. The posts you see listed on this home page are a tiny example of the large collection of interesting and in some cases, life changing, forum discussions you will have free access to as a member. Our forum is lively and active and often you can get an answer to a question within minutes. We discuss simple living, backyard livestock, permaculture, organic food production, sustainable energy, living well on less money, preserving, bread baking, stockpiling food, recycling, mending and reusing and a wide range of sustainability topics. There is a seed and plant exchange, members’ discounts for open pollinated vegetable seeds, bare-rooted plants, native trees and plants. You’ll also find a treasure chest of homemade food recipes and instructions on how to make natural household cleansers, soap, laundry detergent, shampoo and lots more. Certified organic farmer and author of Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting, Lyn Bagnall, is here to answer your organic gardening questions.
Country Australia  
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Magic Garden Seeds
A small company based in Bavaria Germany, specialized in rare and unusual plants including Medicinal & Ethnobotanical Seeds.
Country Germany  
Sections :Seed Suppliers  
Pond expert
Some details on plnats for ponds, and creating a bog garden shelf.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Ponds  
Oakenwood Society
‘Herbs for healing, for food and for pleasure’ – Relaxed 2-day weekend courses run throughout the summer. The courses are held in a rural setting on a working farm in south east Wales, approximately halfway between Bristol and Cardiff. For dates, further information and booking: Oakenwood’s current project is to help buy woodland to conserve and protect, or land to create woodland with native British trees.
Country UK (Wales)  
Sections :Herbs and Medicinal PlantsTraditional Plant UsesTrees and WoodlandsNon Food Cropsnative plantsWildcraftHealth IssuesSpiritualRaw FoodFood IssuesLocal FoodRun CoursesTrainingNon Profit Groups  
Reckless Orchard
We are a small landscape architecture practice with a special interest in promoting and encouraging traditional orchards. We work with schools, community groups and voluntary sector organisations as well as commercial clients to increase awareness of the wildlife and biodivesity advantages of retaining and preserving old fruit varieties. We built an award winning straw bale walled orchard garden at Westonbirt Arboretum with the help of Common Ground and the Brogdale Trust (home of the national fruit collection) to highlight this issue. We work all over the south west and are based just north of Bristol and also in the Wye Valley where the Reckless Orchard once existed.
Country UK (England)  
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International Medicinal Plants Growers’ Consortium-IMPGC
A portal of herbs-Rich information repository on medicinal herbs. Provides searchable pages for herb information, herb usage, home remedies and health remedies. Conceived, created and updated by International Medicinal Plants Growers’ Consortium
Country United States Region 43017
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Sri Dhanalakshmi Industries
Cutivator, Wild Collector, Processor and Exporter of Medicinal Herbs like Neem, Senna, Salacia, Gotukola, Gymnema, Lobelia, Yellowdock, Passiflora, Harmala, etc.
Country India  
Sections :OrganicsWild PlantsRare Plants/Heritage SeedsCompostTraditional Plant UsesRoot cropsHerbs and Medicinal PlantsFibresWildcraftRaw FoodPlant SuppliersPlant Suppliers (Organic)Seed SuppliersHerb/Medicinal SuppliersSustainable plant productsBotanical Information  
Design and Landscape
We provide a tree surgery sevice for the East Midlands area in the Uk as well as help and advice on growing plants in your garden and how different varieties can be used to accomodate garden designs. A retail shop is also available which sells the highest quality garden tools on the internet.
Country UK (England) Region Leicestershire
Sections :General GardeningTrees and WoodlandsTreesHerbs and Medicinal PlantsGardening ToolsPhoto Gallerys  
The Lizard Leaf Company
We are a small scale independent organic mixed market garden based at Gear Farm, St Martin on the Lizard Peninsula in West Cornwall and we produce a wide range of herbs, salad leaves and vegetables for local health food stores, farm shops, gastropubs, hotels, restaurants, box schemes and holiday accommodation. All our produce is grown without the use of insecticides, fungicides and chemical fertilizer and our entire process of production is accredited by the Biodynamic Agricultural Association of Great Britain. The great flavour of our produce comes from growing varieties which taste the best rather than perform well in terms of uniformity, yield or shelf life and we grow them in a well maintained healthy soil enriched with lots of natural fertility, liquid seaweed extracts and mineral rich comfrey juice.
Country UK (England) Region Cornwall
Sections :OrganicsEdible FlowersHerbs and Medicinal PlantsNew CropsFruit CropsLocal FoodPlant Suppliers (Organic)Collective  
Natural Energy
Information relating to the use of alternative natural energy to provide electricity for your home. You will also find a large list of environment articles relating to the use of solar, wind and geothermal energy which are great as an educational tool.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Green BuildingLow impact livingSustainable livingOther EnvironmentalClimate ChangeEnvironment  
Herbal supplementr review
Herbal supplementr review
Country United States Region UT
Sections :Perennials  
Down With Basics
Helping you live consciously while reducing the negative effects on the environment
Country United States Region US
Sections :OrganicsSustainable livingOther EnvironmentalEnvironment  
australian nurseries online
Australian plants search resource with articles on how to grow plants, club and association listings and photographs
Country Australia  
Sections :General GardeningRare Plants/Heritage SeedsTreesPerennialsHerbs and Medicinal PlantsPlant SuppliersPlant Suppliers (Organic)Seed SuppliersHerb/Medicinal SuppliersDirectories/ListingsNon Profit Groups  
The Core Historical Literature of Agriculture
I collection of scanned texts of nearly 2000 books published between the early nineteenth century and the middle to late twentieth century. Cover agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, animal science, crops and their protection, food science,forestry, human nutrition, rural sociology, and soil science.
Country United States  
Sections :Plant DatabasesAcademic  
Dired Shiitake Mushroom
Shiitake mushrooms have been studied closely by western and Asian doctors.Theyhave been acclaimed to have medicinal and nutritional properties. We sell medicinalgrade dried shiitake mushrooms, freshly dried and sold mail order directly from Asia
Country Thailand  
Sections :Sustainable AgricultureHedgingPlant SuppliersPlant Suppliers (Organic)  
co-ops: social permaculture!
catalyst can help you set up housing co-ops, worker co-ops or community co-ops. a member of radical routes, catalyst has helped over 200 groups get established as co-operatives. using legal structures to help people set up collectively owned and controlled structures, housing and employment.
Country UK (England)  
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A Danish group hoping to establish The Permaculture Research Institute Denmark.
Country Denmark  
Sections :PermacultureNon Profit Groups
Gardening and Landscape informations. Ornamental and medicinal plants database.
Country Brazil Region Brazil
Sections :Rare Plants/Heritage SeedsWild PlantsSustainable AgricultureAgroforestryReedbedsTreesEdible FlowersRoot cropsPerennialsFruit CropsGardening ToolsApprenticeships  
OrchidTalk Orchid Forum from RVO
Orchid Forum discussing Orchids and Culture, Orchid Aliments, Breeding and Hybridizing Orchids, Flasking Orchids, Orchid Photography and more! Orchid beginners and experts talk about orchids, care, and growing. Join our community today!
Country United States  
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The Pondable, Outdoor Pond In Garden Table
A unique piece of garden furniture which incorporates a fully filtered, lighted and heated pond within a garden table. Designed by a fish expert and built by Norfolk craftsmen it is built to last and has many practical features incorporated. Owners of Pondables can be sure they have something which will be the envy of anyone who sees it.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :PondsGarden Design  
Back To Nature
Organic and natural products for your lawn and garden.
Country United States  
Sections :AgroforestryUrban PermacultureSoilHealth IssuesEnvironmentGardening Tools  
Back To Nature
Organic and natural products for your lawn and garden.
Country United States  
Sections :AgroforestryUrban PermacultureSoilHealth IssuesGardening ToolsEnvironment  
Quinta das Abelhas
Organic Smallholding in Central Portugal
Country Portugal  
Sections :OrganicsGeneral GardeningTrees and WoodlandsWild PlantsCompostBio-diversityTraditional Plant UsesBee plantsTreesEdible FlowersRoot cropsPerennialsHerbs and Medicinal PlantsFruit Cropsnative plantsGreen BuildingLow impact livingSustainable livingAppropriate TechnologyVeganFood IssuesGenetics/GMOLandrightsLocal FoodClimate ChangeVegetarianEnvironmentVolunteeringBlogsCo-opsCommunities  
Explains phytochemicals and list plants containing them.
Sections :Herbs and Medicinal Plants  
Plant & Tree Nursery at
Online Plant Nursery & Tree Nursery providing a large selection of shade, flowering and fruit trees, ornamental shrubs, flower bulbs and more. Specializing in great low prices, fast shipping, and beautiful healthy plants that are guaranteed to grow.
Country United States Region GA
Sections :Woodland GardeningGeneral GardeningTrees and WoodlandsWild PlantsRare Plants/Heritage SeedsWater/WetlandsTraditional Plant UsesPondsTree nursaryTreesEdible FlowersRoot cropsPerennialsFruit Cropsnative plantsHouse plantsOpen To PublicPlant Suppliers  
Garden Tips | Gardening
Your one stop source for garden tips and information.
Country United States Region ca
Sections :Agroforestry  
Thailand Permaculture- The Baan Thai Project
We are a recentl upstart community and education center focused on natural building and permaculture design (as well as learning a lot and having a good time!). We host natural building and permaculture courses (including one in may and one in June of 2007). We are also welcoming of anyone who would like to come help out with our project during their time in Thailand. Check out our tribe site for more details.
Country Thailand Region Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai
Sections :PermacultureOrganicsSustainable AgricultureFarmingUrban PermaculturePermaculture DesignTrees and WoodlandsBio-diversityTreesRoot cropsPerennialsHerbs and Medicinal PlantsNon Food CropsCoppicingFruit Cropsnative plantsFungiGreen BuildingLow impact livingSustainable livingWildcraftOther EnvironmentalEnvironmentRun CoursesOpen To PublicApprenticeshipsNetworkingTrainingConsultancyCommunitiesEco-villages  
Commercial use of wild and traditionally managed plants in the UK
A long report on the different ways in which livelyhood can be obtained through wild plants.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Sustainable AgricultureTraditional Plant Uses  
Herbs for Healing: with Luzia Barclay
All content at the website is provided by registered medical herbalist Luzia Barclay (DBTh MIRCH). Luzia practices from her clinic, Turnworth Herbal Practice, near Blandford Forum in Dorset. The site is a local web resource about the healing power of plants. It offers visitors the chance to sign up for informative half-day courses about herbs, or they can visit the online shop, arrange a consultation with Luzia or just find out more about herbal medicine. The site also contains numerous articles and useful links.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Directories/ListingsPerennialsRun CoursesHerb/Medicinal SuppliersBotanical Information  
The Irish Gardeners Forum aims to offer free access to an incredible wealth of horticultural information specific to Ireland. This versatile forum provides help from fellow gardeners and the opportunity to discuss all the best gardening techniques again specific to Ireland.
Country Ireland  
Sections :OrganicsWoodland GardeningGeneral GardeningTrees and WoodlandsCompostSoilTraditional Plant UsesTreesRoot cropsPerennialsHerbs and Medicinal PlantsFruit Cropsnative plantsHedgingFungiHouse plantsGardening ToolsMailing lists/ForumsBotanical Information  
Konkin Organic Vermiculture Farm. Worm humus, redworms.
We are a manufacturer of worm humus, a 100% organic growth stimulant, soil activator, and fertilizer for gardens and plants. We breed red Californian worms (Eisenia foetida).
Country Ukraine  
Sections :Rare Plants/Heritage Seeds  
A free garden plant database that allows gardeners to search for plants that fit their garden conditions and design requirements. Planting suggestions come with plant profiles and pictures as well as adice on cultivation.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Herbs and Medicinal PlantsGeneral GardeningTrees and WoodlandsTraditional Plant UsesTreesRoot cropsHedgingPhoto GallerysPlant Databases  
Permatopia Patterns
A permaculture design system which examines local, bio-regional and global effects, in terms of food, water, energy, economical, health and political.
Sections :Permaculture Design  
Plant Hardiness Zone Map of the British Isles
A good map of the hardiness zones in the UK with an explination of the problems of applying hardiness to the UK.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :General Gardening  
Jatropha Plant Source
Offers consultation on Jatropha plantation Projects to companies in various countries like philippines, usa, uk, etc. Promoters of Jatropha Curcas also exporting Jatropha Curcas Seeds and jatropha Saplings.
Country India Region India,Tamilnadu, coimbatore
Sections :General GardeningTrees and WoodlandsHouse plants  
Orchidean – Orchids Database
Orchids growing database. Tips, videos and more.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :AgroforestryRare Plants/Heritage SeedsWater/WetlandsBio-diversityEdible Flowersnative plantsHouse plantsdecoratinosOther Green GroupsGardening ToolsAgricultureConsultancy  
House Plants
Online resource for successful indoor grdening offers houseplants care information, articles and great images gallery.
Country Canada  
Sections :House plants  
All about FLowers and Plants
The FLowers Growing website is the only online encyclopedia of flowers and plants. Whether you are looking for a guide on flower arrangements or gardening, or want to write educational articles, or want to download flower related stuff, or simply are looking to learn about the floral industry, the website flowersgrowing will provide you with information you can rely on. With a wide ranging array of topics exclusively devoted to flowers.
Country UK (England)  
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Natural Cures Vitamins and Herbs
Index of /
Country UK (Nothern Ireland)  
Sections :Organicswebmaster@naturalcuresresource.cNaturalcuresresource  
Jatropha Curcas Seeds
Jatropha Curcas Seed exporters in India. Supplying Jatropha Curcas Seeds for cultivation of fuel crop Jatropha.
Country Denmark Region india,tamilnadu,coimbatore
Sections :Sustainable AgricultureTraditional Plant UsesTreesOther Green GroupsAgricultureOpen To PublicSeed SuppliersPhoto GallerysCo-ops  
Native British Trees and Shrubs
We grow and/or sell about 2 million native bare-rooted trees, shrubs, hedge plants, fruit trees and roses in sizes from 30cm to 4 metres as well as supplying associated planting sundries. We can deliver across mainland UK on a next day basis and our customers range from private individuals to garden centres, nurseries, estates, farms, planters, landscapers, schools, local authorities and central government.
Country UK (England) Region Somerset
Sections :Woodland GardeningAgroforestryTrees and WoodlandsTreesCoppicingFruit Cropsnative plantsBiomassHedgingPlant Suppliers  
Offshoots Permaculture Project
A permaculture project in the walled, kitchen garden of Towneley Hall, Lancashire, setup in 1997. Has four eco friendly buildings, wind and solar power and a community composting scheme. In January 2006 Offshoots won a Bura (British Urban Regeneration award). The site is managed by Groundwork East Lancashire.
Country UK (England) Region Lancashire
Sections :PermacultureGreen BuildingRun CoursesOpen To PublicVolunteeringTree nursaryComunity composting  
Our Vegan Kitchen
We are a Canadian Westcoast Family enjoying the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. So here you see our webpage in it’s infancy. We hope you stick around to see and help it grow. Check back frequently, as we will be adding new recipes everyday. If you feel so inclined, add some of your own!We are compassionately cholesterol free.
Country Canada Region BC
Sections :recipe site  
Taylor Made Herbs and Aromatherapy
Naturopathic Doctor, Herbalist, offering natural organic skin care. We have an Herbal Sanctuary for herbs, shiitake mushrooms, herbal information, and supportive newsletters
Country United States Region VA
Sections :Wild Plantsbotanical illustrationPerennialsHerbs and Medicinal PlantsHealth IssuesApprenticeshipsHerb/Medicinal SuppliersPhoto GallerysBotanical Information  
Arader Tree Service
Arader Tree Services provides tree, plantcare and landscaping information and services in Main Line Philadelphia and Chester, Delaware, Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania.
Country United States Region PA
Sections :Trees and WoodlandsBuisness servicesGarden Design  
Tropical Plant
Tropical Plant: Information and Guide
Country Malaysia Region Kedah
Sections :AgroforestryTreesEdible FlowersCoppicingTravel guide  
An information site to help you spend more time in the garden, and less time searching on-line
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Directories/Listings  
Simon the scribe – Holistic Health in an Age of Energy
WELCOME TO SIMONTHESCRIBE Here you will find Articles and Art, ebooks and other publications from the scribe on the themes of Ecology and Holistic Health in an Age of Energy. Enjoy some free downloads about nature and wild food.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Wild Food/ForagingHealth IssuesCornwall/South West ActivistsBooks Stores/PublishersPhoto Gallerys  
Funky Raw
Funky Raw publishes a quarterly magazine covering raw food, wild foods, permaculture, spirituality and ecology. We also have an annual festival and workshops where you can learn about raw and wild foods, yoga, etc.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :PermacultureWild Food/ForagingSustainable livingSpiritualRaw FoodLocal FoodVegetarianEnvironmentRun CoursesMailing lists/ForumsEthnobotany  
Herbs and Spices
Site includes an encyclopedia of spices and herbs, tips on using and harvesting herbs, historical articles on spices and information on the cultivation and medicinal value of herbs and spices
Country Canada Region Ontario
Sections :Herbs and Medicinal Plants  
Culinary Herbs
Information on various culinary herbs, with their botanical description.
Country India Region Delhi
Sections :Herbs and Medicinal Plants
A contact network for members of the environmental, vegetarian and animal rights communities looking for friendship, marriage and romance.
Country Canada  
Sections :  
Located in New-Brunswick, with members from around the world, we are dedicated to promoting the organic econo98 thru our business practices.
Country Canada Region New-Brunswick
Sections :PermacultureOrganicsSustainable AgricultureWoodland GardeningAgroforestryGeneral GardeningFarmingUrban PermacultureVegan organicsPermaculture DesignWild PlantsDrylandsAlly Croppingbotanical illustrationPondsTreesEdible FlowersRoot cropsPerennialsHerbs and Medicinal PlantsLow impact livingRun CoursesOther commercialPlant DatabasesDirectories/ListingsNews SitesFloraCo-opsCommunitiesEco-villagesCharitiesNon Profit GroupsCity Farms/Community GardensAcademicGovenmentalNGOPoliticalCampainingNetworksCollective  
Vegan Views
A UK magazine covering Vegan issues, which regularly covers vegan-organic growing. Back issues are available on their website. They produce a vegan mail order book catalogue in colaboration with octoberbooks.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Vegan organicsVeganJournal/NewsletterBooks Stores/Publishers  
Sow And Grow Organics
A vegan organic project, selling vegan organic products through a box scheme in the Wigan area. Jenny Hall from the project is co-author of the book Growing Green: Organic Techniques for a Sustainable Future discussing stockfree organics.
Country UK (England) Region Lancashire
Sections :Vegan organicsVeganIndividual books  
Vegan Organic Network
A group promoting vegan-organic farming in the UK. They have developed a standard and certification scheme for stock-free organic growing.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Vegan organicsVegan
Hundreds of vegan and eco-friendly products. Organic hemp clothing, footwear and accessories, plus a library of information on hemp, veganism and related topics.
Country Canada Region Ontario
Sections :OrganicsSustainable AgricultureVegan organicsFibresOil cropsLow impact livingSustainable livingAnimal RightsOther EnvironmentalVeganEnvironmentSustainable plant productsOther commercialHemp  
One of the organization’s goals is conecting with international organizations through promoting agriculture and food industry, as well as promoting new technologies used today in the developed countries.
Country Serbia and Montenegro  
Sections :Mailing lists/ForumsCharities
A site all about British trees. Details and illustrations of 130 trees, with further details on trees and spirituality, the ecology of woodlands, reforestation and much more.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Trees and WoodlandsTreesSpiritualPhoto GallerysMailing lists/ForumsReforestationEnvironment  
Plants With Purpose
A small buisness suplying Unusual Herbs and Useful Plants organically grown in a Cold Climate, catalogue has a good range of Herbs shrubs and plants for attracting Bees.
Country UK (Scotland) Region Perthshire
Sections :OrganicsPlant SuppliersPlant Suppliers (Organic)Bee plantsTalksGarden Design  
An extensive series of articles relating to agriculture. of particular interest are the articles on Non-food Products and a comparision of the energy uses of different animal and vegtable products.
Country Canada  
Sections :Non Food CropsFruit CropsFood IssuesAgriculture  
Water Sensitive Urban Design?
Site focussing on water cycle management. Has a good section on Swales.
Country Australia  
Sections :HydrologyReedbedsSwales  
Permaculture Association of Tasmania
Umbrella group for Tasmanian permaculture. Site has details of all known tasmanian projects as well a an editible wiki with lisitngs of world wide groups.
Country Australia Region Tasmania
Sections :PermacultureDirectories/ListingsWikiNetworks  
Sunseed Desert Technology
Aims to develop, demonstrate and communicate accessible, low-tech methods of sustainability in a semi-arid environment. Runs an English speeking centre in Almería, Spain where the techniques such as solar cookers, low tec pumps and the use of 98corrhizal fungi to stimulate plant growth are demonstrated.
Country Spain Region Almería
Sections :OrganicsDrylandsGreen BuildingAppropriate TechnologyVolunteeringCharitiesFungi  
An English speaking vegan eco-village in Spain. The focus has been on raw-food, however cooked food is now permitted on site.
Country Spain Region Malaga
Sections :PermacultureYogaVeganRaw FoodRun CoursesVolunteering  
The Willow Bank
Specalise in willows and living willow sculptures. Site has information on using willow for crafts, hedging, biomass with recomened varities.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Trees and WoodlandsBiomassRun CoursesPlant SuppliersHedging  
Permaculture wiki
A wiki devoted to permaculture.
Sections :PermacultureWiki  
Swiki – permaculture
A community listing of permaculture links, which can anyone can add to.
Sections :PermacultureDirectories/Listings  
Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
Group headed by Geoff Lawton which offer worldwide permaculture training and consultance. One particularly interesting project has been greening 10 acres in Jordan. The website is a blog with many articles, course listings and a very active forum.
Country Australia  
Sections :PermacultureDrylandsNon Profit GroupsConsultancyMailing lists/ForumsBlogs
A collection of permaculture videos, news and other resources.
Country Australia  
Sections :PermacultureDirectories/Listings  
The Permaculture Activist
Publisher of the primary US permaculture magazine, sell books and provide international directory of permaculture groups, courses and plant suppliers.
Country United States Region IN
Sections :PermacultureJournal/NewsletterBooks Stores/PublishersDirectories/Listings  
A Calderdale based group who have planted about 60,000 trees and hedge plants. Spin-off projects include the Community Tree Nursery, which is set to take off into its own independent life, and the Wild Garden, an outdoor education area at Ferney Lee School in Todmorden. We’ve also written a book and produced a video about our activities!
Country UK (England) Region Yorkshire
Sections :PermacultureTrees and WoodlandsNon Profit GroupsVolunteeringClimate Change  
Bangor Forest Garden
A 1/4 hectare demonstration forest garden at the University of Wales, Bangor’s research farm. The website has extensive information on temperate and tropical agroforestry togeter with extensive litrature review.
Country UK (Wales)  
Sections :Woodland GardeningAgroforestryCity Farms/Community GardensVolunteeringLitrature review  
Moor Trees
A Devon based porject who work towards the restoration of native, broadleaved woodland in and around Dartmoor National Park. They are partners with many groups and run several tree nursaries.
Country UK (England) Region Devon
Sections :TrainingVolunteeringCharitiesWildernessTrees and Woodlands  
Henriette’s Herbal Homepage
A vast welth of information relating to herbal plants. Includes online versions of several classic herbal works, a plant name database with many Swedish and Finish and other names, and 7000 plant images.
Country Finland  
Sections :Plant DatabasesPhoto GallerysHerbs and Medicinal PlantsMailing lists/Forums
Kevacorp is an online bookstore that contains books on medicinal plants,gardening books, guides for gardening,medicine books etc.Very rare and popular books on medicinal plants and its treatment details are mentioned in it.
Country Indonesia Region India
Sections :  
Sow And Grow Organics
A vegan organic project in Lancashire.
Country UK (England) Region Lancashire
Sections :Vegan organics  
Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming
Networking and campaining orginisation, covering sustainable food chains, food poverty, agriculture and trade, and other issues.
Country UK (England) Region London
Sections :CharitiesFood IssuesLocal FoodNetworkingNews SitesOrganicsQuangoResearchSustainable Agriculture  
Women’s Environmental Network – Local Food
Offers training and support to groups of women growing food in urban areas. Extensive links section and information on networking and Food Miles.
Country UK (England) Region London
Sections :CompostDirectories/ListingsGenetics/GMOLocal FoodNetworkingOrganicsUrban Permaculture  
Lost Crops of the Incas
On online version of the book Lost Crops of the Incas: Little-Known Plants of the Andes with Promise for Worldwide Cultivation (1989). Covers many unusual root crops, and fruits as well as a few legumes and grains. Scanned PFD and short summaries.
Sections :EthnobotanyFruit CropsNew CropsRoot crops  
Quoditch Moor Nature Reserve
A Nature reserve close to our Blagdon Cross site.
Country UK (England) Region Devon
Sections :Blagdon Cross local areaWildlife/Conservation  
Project Bona Fide
Project Bona Fide is a non-profit organization working toward sustaining culture through organic agriculture and reforestry projects in Nicaragua.
Country Malaysia  
Sections :Non Profit GroupsTreesPermacultureVolunteeringRun Courses  
A comprehensive gallery photos of over 3,000 species, with some identification and plant use information. In German, English and French.
Country Germany  
Sections :Photo Gallerys  
Flora Celtica: Plants and People in Scotland
A book and online database, has many anicotal descriptions of plant uses in Scotland.
Country UK (Scotland)  
Sections :EthnobotanyFloraPlant DatabasesTraditional Plant Uses  
Indonesian Development of Education and Permaculture
A largish NGO which helped during the 2004 Tsunami.
Country Indonesia  
Sections :NGOReedbeds  
Jiaogulan – Project Good life
Site promoting Jiaogulan or Southern Ginseng. Site has info on the science behind the herb and its use in Traditional Chinese medicine.
Country Thailand  
Sections :CollectiveHerbs and Medicinal Plants  
Permaculture Design in Pai
A permaculture design project in Nothern Thailand working with an akha hill tribe woman who has been farming all her life.
Country Thailand  
Sections :Co-opsPermacultureVolunteering  
Wessex Coppice Group
To encourage economic growth in the hazel coppice industry through marketing, training and public awareness whilst sustaining the landscape and ecological value of the woodland resource.
Country UK (England) Region Wesex
Sections :Coppicing  
Interactive European Network for Industrial Crops and their Applications
Europe wide network, promoting the comercial use of non food crops. Their report details the growing of a wide range of non food crop plants through the EU.
Sections :Directories/ListingsFarmingNGONon Food CropsPlant DatabasesResearch  
National Non-Food Crops Centre
Provide a single, independent and authoritative source of information on the use and implementation of non-food crop products and technologies in the United Kingdom, with databases covering 2000+ orginisations, 200 crops and many research projects. Strong industry focus.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Directories/ListingsFarmingNon Food CropsNon Profit GroupsPlant DatabasesResearch  
Garden HQ
A big well organised listing site. Mainly standard garden fair, rather than anything unusual.
Sections :Directories/ListingsGeneral Gardening  
Trees for Health
Trees for Health is a voluntary run organisation based in South Devon, aiming to help foster healthy communities and healthy ecosystems by revitalising our use and knowledge of woodland.
Country UK (England) Region Devon
Sections :Herbs and Medicinal PlantsNon Profit GroupsTrees and WoodlandsVolunteering  
Wild Farm Alliance
A US group promoting agriculture that helps to protect and restore wild Nature. They envision a world in which community-based, ecologically managed farms and ranches seamlessly integrate into landscapes that accommodate the full range of native species and ecological processes.
Country United States  
Sections :FarmingSustainable AgricultureWildlife/Conservation  
Accountancy cooperative
A workers co-operative who do Plants For A Future accounts and offer us a great service.
Country UK (England) Region Dorset
Sections :Buisness servicesCo-ops  
Cyndi’s Catalog of Garden Catalogs
Big list of different plant catalogues. Mainily US but good worldwide coverage.
Country United States  
Sections :Plant SuppliersPlant Suppliers (Organic)  
Green Guide
A comprehensive directory of a wide range of green companies.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Appropriate TechnologyCornwall/South West ActivistsDirectories/ListingsGreen BuildingHealth IssuesOther EnvironmentalSpiritualYoga  
EcoPort – The consiliance engine
A palnt database and more. A very wide ranging project with plant info details of interactions and other organisms.
Sections :Botanical InformationPhoto GallerysPlant Databases  
Global Facilitation Unit for Underutilized Species
A website and network promoting underutilized species as a means to: enrich the wealth of agrobiodiversity, increase incomes, ensure food security, improve nutrition, occupy important ecological niches, withstand stress conditions, be produced with low cost, stabilize ecosystems, create new markets. <p> The website has a database of interesting underutilised plants and a good set of links.
Country Italy  
Sections :Botanical InformationDirectories/ListingsNew CropsNGOPlant Databases  
The UK Crop Plant Bioinformatics Network
A collection of plant databases, including: EcoSys – Plant ecological ranges; EthnobotDB – Worldwide plant uses; FoodplantDB – Native American food plants; MPNADB – Medicinal plants of native America and several crop specific databases.
Country UK (England) Region Nottinghamshire
Sections :AcademicBotanical InformationEthnobotanyFloraPlant Databases  
Traditional Ecological Knowledge Prior Art Database (T.E.K.* P.A.D.)
This is a repository of resources of plant uses and information focussing on use by different cultures. The aim of the project is to collect as much “prior art” about the plants as possible. If prior art on a particular plant use exists then in can prevent such information being patented and ensures that the information will remain in the public domain for all to use. The Plants For A Future Dataset is included in this website.
Country United States  
Sections :AcademicBotanical InformationDirectories/ListingsEthnobotanyPlant DatabasesPublic Domain  
Practical solutions to land degradation in drylands worldwide. Has some forums around the issue coveing soil, hydrology etc.
Country United States  
Sections :Directories/ListingsDrylandsHydrologyMailing lists/ForumsSoil  
Thatching Information
A collection on articles on thatching. And links to thatching sites and associations.
Country UK (England) Region Rutland
Sections :Green Building  
Australian New Crops Web Site
Promotes the utilisation for New Crops in Australia with an Academic/Commercial outlook. Publish a newsletter, hold confrences and conduct research. Also have a citation database for 4200 crops.
Country Australia  
Sections :AcademicConfrencesJournal/NewsletterNew CropsPlant DatabasesResearch  
Listing of Useful Plants of the World
An extensive database of academic citations for 4200 New Crops.
Country Australia  
Sections :AcademicNew CropsPlant Databases  
Run a number of courses, and produce several pamphlets, including <i>Permaculture- A Beginner’s Guide</i> a pictorial introduction to permaculture – online.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
Sustain: The alliance for better food and farming
Advocates food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals, improve the working and living environment, promote equity and enrich society and culture.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
A Buddist group who host an annual festival, plus a number of retreats a festival cafe and buddist workshop at festivals. They have their own patch on land in Devon
Country China  
Sections :  
Self Willed Land
An excellent site with a lot of good thoughtful articles about permaculture, woodland gardening and farming. Of particular interest is the article about self-willed land – the rewilding of open spaces in the UK about the need to allow true wilderness to develop again in this country.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
This Land Is Ours
A Land Rights Campaing for the UK.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
Tir Penrhos Isaf
We have been working at Penrhos (or Benthros, as it is known locally) since 1986 and been living here since February 1992 when we gained temporary planning permission from the Snowdonia National Park. Over that time we have continued to develop our permaculture design for the holding through the practical application of the ethics and principles of permaculture.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
Dial House Trust
A Centre for Dynamic Cultural Change birth place of the band Crass this centre in Essex has been a focus for much radical activity in the past 30 years. And its now getting right into permaculture.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
Alotment regeneration iniative
ARI aims to get more people – individuals and community groups – growing on urban allotments. It will do this by: Promoting and supporting innovation and good practice in allotments management through technical support and advice, site visits, information materials and networking events. Projecting a positive and active image of allotments Raising the profile of allotments with the Government, local authorities and the public.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
Wholesome Food Association
A UK-wide food labelling scheme designed to encourage smaller-scale food growers and producers to supply local customers with wholesome, chemical-free produce, identified by a widely-recognised symbol. Offers a good alternative to the Soil Association.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
Edible Ecosystems in Sustainable Agriculture
A Study of Permaculture in Britain an online MA dissretation which provides a good review of the current state of permaculture in the UK. Contains site visits of several projects in the UK.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens
Have details of lots of City Farms all across the UK many of these you can visit.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
National Association of Farmers’ Markets
A Farmers’ Market is one in which farmers, growers or producers from a defined local area are present in person to sell their own produce, direct to the public. All products sold should have been grown, reared, caught, brewed, pickled, baked, smoked or processed by the stallholder.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
Vegan Organic Trust
Vegan-organics is any system of cultivation that avoids artificial chemicals and sprays, livestock manures and animal remains from slaughter houses. Alternatively, fertility is maintained by vegetable compost, green manures, crop rotation, mulches, and any other method that is sustainable, ecologically viable and not dependent upon animal exploitation. This will ensure long term fertility, and wholesome food for this and future generations.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
Steward Community Woodland
A project in Devon being set up to demonstrate the value of integrating conservation woodland management techniques (such as coppicing and natural regeneration) with organic growing, traditional skills and crafts and low-impact sustainable living.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
Chapter 7
Landrights campain, good legal advice. Produce a magazine ‘The Land’
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Low impact livingLandrightsJournal/NewsletterCampaining  
Tinkers Bubble
An environmentally sensitive human settlement, Tinkers’ Bubble is a working example of sustainable living. Bassed in Somerset Tinkers’ Bubble has sucessfully chalanged planning law and now have five years to show how low impact housing can intergrate sucessfully with sustainable agriculture. The web page has details of the book “Low Impact Development” by one of the main movers Simon Fairlie.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
New Leaf
Scottish group creating a new sustainable eco-village somewhere south of the Grampian hills and north of the Cheviots.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
The Living Village Trust
Building a 40 house eco-village in Bishops Castle Shropshire on land with planning permission and owned by the Trust. It might be possible to work as a volunteer. A very abitious project which could become a landmark project.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
Oakwoods Native Plant Foundation
South Wales project, into wild flowers, conservation and education. Have a catalogue.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
A permaculture project based near Lancaster. Pictures of the various projects they undertake. The project has a strawbale visitors center where the run courses and a camping barn which you can rent.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Trees and WoodlandsGreen BuildingLow impact livingAppropriate TechnologyRun Courses  
Ragman’s Lane Farm
One of the premier permaculture sites in the UK with a big range of courses on offer.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :PermacultureRun CoursesPondsBiomass  
Tir Penrhos Isaf
A project in Snowdonia, Wales which has been going for about ten years. Among the many intresing articles are one on yields which actually shows that Gorse can be a useful plant.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
Brighton Permaculture Trust
It looks like they are an active group with regular meetings.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :PermacultureWoodland GardeningFruit CropsRun CoursesVolunteeringCharities  
South East Essexs Organic Gardners
Local group
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Organics  
A local tree-planting group in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, aiming to prevent flooding and counter CO2 emissions by planting trees, and to promote sustainable ways of living.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
North London project which has set up two forest gardens in an Urban environment. Run lots of Courses.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Permaculture  
Primal Seeds
a wonderful campaigning site, not really permaculture but focuses on bio-diversity and food security. Offers a good critique of the monoculture practices. With news, actions etc.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :  
Earthcare garden design and construction.
More friends of Plant For A Future. They specialise in forest gardens/woodland gardends/veganic gardens and edible landscapeing.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :
Information site on permaculture in french speaking areas. Un portail d’information sur la permaculture en zone francophone
Sections :Photo GallerysDirectories/ListingsBooks Stores/PublishersPermacultureNews Sites  
Permaculture Association (Britain)
The main UK group for Permaculture, has details of Courses and Events in the UK, and details of services the Association can offer UK groups.
Country UK (England)  
Sections :Books Stores/PublishersDirectories/ListingsJournal/NewsletterPermacultureCharitiesRun CoursesNetworksMailing lists/ForumsPermaculture Design  
Wikipedia – Forest gardening
Entry for Forest gardening in Wikipedia the free community driven encyclopedia.
Sections :WikiWoodland Gardening  
Wikipedia – Permaculture
Entry for Permaculture in Wikipedia the free community driven encyclopedia.
Sections :PermacultureDirectories/ListingsWiki  
DMOZ opendirectory project
Directory of permaculture related site. Part of a volunteer run internet directory project.
Sections :Directories/ListingsPermaculture  
A Permaculture Primer
Describes the principles, components, concepts, resources and the associated movements of permaculture.
Sections :Permaculture  
Permaculture Planetary Directory
Goodlist of worldwide Permacuture groups, course listings. Hosted by the parmaculture activist.
Sections :Directories/ListingsPermaculture  
Vast colection of Permaculture and related links. Archives of several forums and mailing lists.
Country United States  
Sections :Appropriate TechnologyFarmers MarketsPermacultureSoilSustainable AgricultureWildcraft  
Introduction to Permaculture: concepts and resources
Definitions and principles of permaculture. Resources, website, books. Put together by ATTRA – National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service.
Country United States  
Sections :Directories/ListingsPermaculture  
Plants For A Future
A charity promoting a wide range of alternative plants which have edible, medicinal and a wide range of other uses. New agricultural techniques such as woodland gardening, the use of perennial plants and vegan organic systems are also investigated.
Country UK (England) Region Cornwall
Sections :CharitiesDirectories/ListingsDyesEdible FlowersFibresHerbs and Medicinal PlantsMailing lists/ForumsNon Food CropsPerennialsPermaculturePlant DatabasesRoot cropsSoapsSustainable AgricultureVeganVolunteeringWoodland Gardening  

Exotic Herbs Which May Help Contol And Help Reverse Diabetes…

We do not recommend ever utilizing herbs for medicinal purposes without discussing them with your doctor. Creative Health Institutes twenty-one day diabetes reversal program is based in our belief that a living body needs living food and when it is supplied a variety of living foods it will respond and heal itself.  We considered, it wise for you to refer to your family doctor before proceeding to enter into any treatments.

Bitter Gourd appears to have a very positive affect on keeping sugar spikes down and insulin levels stable. Many diabetics consume bitter gourd as a regularly as part of their diet. Bitter gourd is also been shown to have many other  health benefits.

Bitter gourd is a tropical vegetable, which is cultivated mainly in the Asian and African countries. It is also known by the name of ‘Karela’ and has a rough, warty skin. As the name suggests, the vegetable is bitter in taste and has a skin that is dark green in color.

Diabetics usually consume bitter gourd in the form of a powder or juice, but it is also used in traditional Asian dishes. The standard protocol is to consume bitter gourd first thing in the morning.  Many diabetics sprinkle bitter gourd on their first meal of the day. While others feel its better to consume it alone, or if in a powder form mix it with warm water and drink it.

Butea Leaves, is another amazing herb from India.  Though the tree has many other healing properties it isthe leaf when boiled, that releases  the phytochemicals which almost immediately reduce blood sugar. The picture that should have been here (sorry)  shows the flowering of the pods on the tree. Each pod has a seed that when dried and powered becomes a very powerful worm and parasite remover.  In Ayurveda medicine the leaf a also chewed.

 Cinnamonis such an amazing herb and of all the exotic herbs its most familiar to North Americana.  What is not generally known is that cinnamon is antiviral and  is  strong stimulator of insulin activity and is very beneficial in the treatment of diabetes and many other health challenges which require the reduction of viral pathogens and the regulation of blood sugar. It helps to keep the blood sugar in check and has been shown to be more powerful than turmeric, cloves or bay leaves.  Like most herbs the bark and twigs of the cinnamon tree has many other uses in helping our bodies to overcome health challenges.

Curry Leaves, is being shown to be a major player in the reversal of diabetes. Researchers from the department of pharmacy at King’s College London say they have found scientific justification for the use of alternative medicine.  Scientists believe that the Indian curry leaf  may contain phyto-chemicals which slow down the rate of starch-to-glucose breakdown in people with diabetes. The tree’s leaves could have the ability to control the amount of glucose entering the bloodstream. Chewing on ten fully grown leave every morning is believed to help with the lowering blood sugar and to help the pancreas to regulate insulin. chewing curry leaves is also said to help with weight loss. Its is estimated that 80% of the baby boomers are overweight and that many of them are suffering from the effects of type 2 diabetes. 

Fenugreek is easy to grow right in your kitchen and had the ability to control glucose metabolis and at the same time it  has a strong modulating effect on blood lipid levels which may substantially reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. Most diabetics, have lipid imbalances, Fenugreek has demonstrated to have the remarkable ability to lower cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL levels while raising HDL levels (good cholesterol) .

Fenugreek Seeds can be consumed in man different ways and forms. Some people eat the spouts and seeds raw before retiring while others put them in with juices and drinks. You can also purchase the powdered form. Another way to get the benefits of fenugreek is to soak the seeds in the water overnight and drink them along with the water the next morning. 

Indian Gooseberry a middle-sized tree and is indigenous to India. The berry can only be harvested about 3 months of the year. The berry is high in Vitamin C helps in controlling diabetes. The juice of the Indian Gooseberry can be added to bitter gourd and with a small amount of honey as a carrier, this combination is  thought to be an excellent way to diabetes since it provides nutrients for the pancreas, helping to release insulin.

Even though there is little to worry about when taking these natural herbs, they still might have interaction with whatever medication you are taking. It is better to be safe than sorry. This list of exotic herbs is not an exhaustive one and there are many more that are believed to have a great affect on diabetes.  I am planning on discussing them in the near future, any help or information from our readers as to what they have found would be greatly appreciated.

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Dehydrating – 8 Fun And Delicious Recipes

Here at Creative Health Institute we love to make great recipes in our dehydrators, but we always keep in mind that the majority of the food that Dr. Ann Wigmore believed we should be eating consists of sprouts, fresh leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, wild edibles and of course wheatgrass…

Basic Rules of Dehydrating


1. Choose fresh, high quality produce.

2. Produce should be carefully washed and prepared.

3. Remember to turn dehydrator no higher than 110 degrees as this is when damage to enzymes begin and at 120 degrees there are no living enzymes left.

4. Dry until food reaches desired consistency or doneness.

5. Store in a cool, dry, dark place and

6.  Some dried foods can be reconstituted (raisins, figs, other dried fruits and some vegetables) by soaking 5-6 hours or overnight. The soak water from fruits can be used to add sweetness to foods you are preparing.

7. Use dehydrated foods or reconstituted foods as snacks, in main dishes, cereals, salads or sauces.

8. Layer foods close but do not let touch

 Why Dehydrate?

 1. Nutritionally superior to dried foods that you would purchase from stores pr off the internet.  Much of the dehydrated food on the market have lower vitamin, mineral, enzyme and fiber content, due to being dried in high temperatures.

      1. No preservatives/chemicals are necessary.

2.  Flavor and color are maintained.

3.  Dried food keeps well.

4. Dried food uses less storage space.

5.  It is a perfect survival food.

6   Dried food is convenient and tasty.

7   Dehydrating food is an economically sound practice.

8. Takes advantage of bulk prices.

9.  Preserves oversupply of leftovers, produce, etc. (Use leftover energy soup as a

    base for crackers.)

10. Dry seasonal foods for off-season use.

 Dehydration Recipes

Food dehydration is a process of slowly heating foods at a low temperature so as not to destroy the enzymes and the nutrients. Food dehydrators come in a variety of sizes.

A very helpful way to eat while traveling is to keep dried foods on hand.  Bananas are good dried — just cut them into thin pieces and put in the dehydrator. They can be dried at the same time as the grain crisp.

Another good snack is dried zucchini squash. The zucchini only needs to be sliced ¼ inch to ½ inch thick. You may also make many different types of “candies and cookies”.  They can be kept in a plastic bag and served as fortification against the temptation to eat unhealthy foods while traveling.

Seasonings can also be dried: onions, parsley, scallions and any herb which has been grown in your garden. Any fresh vegetables lying unused in your refrigerator can be sliced and put into the dehydrator at the same time as your grain crisps. For reasons of economy, utilize all the space the dehydrator offers.

The most important thing to remember is not to set your dehydrator above 110 degrees, 105 is optimal.  Temperatures above 110 degrees begin to damage the enzymes and at 120 degrees the enzymes are destroyed. 

To conserve food you can dehydrate leftovers.

 Banana Pecan Cookies

8 bananas

1 1/2 cups pecans, ground or chopped fine

3 Tbs. raw carob powder

Honey to taste (optional)

Mash the bananas into a cream. Use a potato masher so some small chunks are left. This will make the cookie thicker. Add other ingredients and mix well. Spoon small amounts onto the dehydrator sheets and mash down. These will need to dehydrate for about 24 hours.

Sun Garden Burgers

3 T ground flax – see Note below

6 T water

1 cup carrot pulp – See Note below

1 cup sunflower seeds, ground

½ cup finely minced celery

6 T finely minced onion

2 T finely minced red pepper

1 t parsley

2 t coconut liquid aminos ( You can use Braggs or raw soy in place of the coconut aminos)

In a blender, combine the ground flax seeds and water, blending thoroughly.  Immediately pour the mixture into a bowl and set aside. Rinse the blender container before the mixture left in it hardens and becomes difficult to wash out.

In a medium-sized bowl, thoroughly mix the carrot pulp, sunflower seeds, celery, onion, parsley, red pepper and liquid aminos.  Add the flax seed mixture and mix thoroughly.  If necessary, add more water so the mixture can be formed into patties.  Form into six ½ inch thick patties.  Dehydrate for 4 – 8 hours, leave them in the sun until warm or place them in a warm oven for 10 – 15 minutes. 

NOTE:  To grind flax seeds, place them in an electric coffee grinder and grind until powdered.  To make carrot pulp, put carrots through a heavy-duty juicer, using a juicing screen.  Use the pulp in the recipe.  Drink the juice, or reserve it for another use.

Protein Cookies

The following recipes can be made with whatever sprouted nuts or seed-cheese you have on hand.

 – Nut Crunches

Soak nuts (pecans, almonds or walnuts, etc. – whatever is on hand), saving a few to chop dry. Blend the nuts with rejuvelac and add a similar amount of bananas to make a smooth batter. Blend in the reserved dry, chopped nuts. Drop by spoon onto a dehydrator sheet and dehydrate until ready. Tasty combinations suggested are Walnut/Banana and Almond/Banana. Experiment and enjoy!

(You may use sunflower seed-cheese as a substitute for the soaked nuts, however in addition to the banana you can add soaked prunes for improved flavor).

– Chewy Protein Treats

Soak nuts (pecans, almonds or walnuts, etc – whatever is on hand) and blend with rejuvelac. Add prunes and banana to the blender after nuts and rejuvelac are well blended. A good proportion is 1/2 quantity of nuts and 1/4 each of prune and banana. Drop by spoon onto dehydrator sheet and dehydrate until ready.

VARIATION – Same as above only use 1/2 quantity of nuts with the appropriate amount of rejuvelac and instead use 1/4 quantity of apple and 1/4 quantity of soaked dates. As above, drop by spoon and dehydrate until ready.

 Grain Crisps (bread replacements)

Use grains such as wheat, rye, kamut or spelt. For variety, add vegetables and/or herbs and spices. To sweeten, blend sprouted grain with banana and rejuvelac. Experiment!

1.         SOAK seeds for 12 hours. 

2.         SPROUT seeds for 2 days.

3.         BLEND with water or rejuvelac.

4.         POUR onto teflex dehydrator sheets and dehydrate at 110 degrees for 24 hours or

            longer, depending on the thickness..

6.         STORE in plastic containers (airtight not necessary). These will keep for several weeks.

Banana Sunflower Treats

8-10 Bananas

2-3 cups soaked sprouted sunflower seeds

A touch of cinnamon (optional)

Mash the bananas into a cream, leaving some small chunks for a heavy texture. Chop the sunflower seeds using a blender or a food processor. If you use the blender you will need to use enough rejuvelac or water to mix.  The blender will give you a finer texture. Spoon small amounts of the mixture onto dehydrator sheets and dehydrate until ready.

Mexican Flax Crackers

6 cups flaxseeds, soaked 4 – 6 hours in 5 ½ cups water

4 medium tomatoes, blended

1 red bell pepper, finely chopped

½ cup coconut amino acids

2 T lemon juice

2 t chili powder

2 t dried cilantro

1 t garlic powder

½ onion, chopped

½ t cayenne

Mix all ingredients well and adjust seasonings.  Keep the mixture moist and loose for spreading.  Spread mixture as thin as possible (approximately ¼ inch thick) on dehydrator trays with teflex sheets.  Keeping hands wet will help in the spreading.  Dehydrate at 105 degrees for 5 – 6 hours, flip crackers over and remove the teflex sheets.  Continue dehydrating for 4 – 5 hours or until the crackers are completely dry.

Corn Chips

 6 ears non sweet corn, remove from cob

½ yellow onion

2 cups sprouted sunflower seeds, soaked 6 hours and rinsed

¼ cup water

1 ½ T coconut  liquid aminos

1 t kelp powder

Process corn and onion in a food processor, using the “s” blade.  Stop and scrape the sides;  blend until smooth. Add sprouted sunflower seeds and process until the mixture is well blended and the consistency of a batter.  Add some water if the batter is too thick.  Add Braggs and kelp; mix well. Using a teaspoon, scoop batter onto the teflex sheet of a dehydrator tray.  Flatten with a knife into a flat round surface about 1/8” thick and 1 1/2” wide.  Dehydrate at 105 for 12 hours, then remove teflex sheet and turn chips over.  Continue dehydrating for 10 – 12 hours, or until desired crispness is obtained.

Most of these recipes in this article are based on Dr. Ann Wigmore’s recipes. They are wonderful living food recipes, that taste great and will nourish your body and keep you in the peak of health. 

Robert Morgan – Bobby is the health education director at Creative Health Institute in Union City, Michigan, He is a certified naturopath, iridologist, energy practitioner, colonic therapist, master raw chef, author, International lecturer, teacher and cancer surthrivor.

Bobby, is dedicated to continuing to carry out the work and vision of Dr. Ann Wigmore and all of the souls who have dedicated their lives to love, peace and natural health.

Wishing you the best day ever,

Bobby, interns, volunteers and staff of CHI

A Closer Look At The Wild Edibles Found On The Grounds Of Chi

The following list contains just some of the more than 30 wonderful wild edibles found on the ground of Creative Health Institute. Many of these wild edibles are used by the staff, students and guests to make wonderful energy soups, in the tradition of Dr. Ann Wigmore.  We have weekly classes where we teach you how to identify and use wild edibles as foods and for medicinal purposes. When picking wild edible plants it is crucial that you can properly identify them. Many of them are similar in appearance to poisonous plants.

Wonderful Easy To Identify Wild Edibles

COMFREY is kind of an awkward looking plant it grows about 5’ tall with giant lower leaves and clusters of small dangling flowers. Comfrey can be used in salads and green smoothies. HEALTH BENEFITS: High in calcium and phosphorus and can be used as a tropical treatment, it speeds up natural replacement of body cells also good for bronchial problems, broken bones, burns, arthritis, skin conditions, and acne. Comfrey was also used in the middle ages to help relieve lung problems caused by Black Death.

DANDELIONS this plant can be used as a pot herb in salads. Young leaves can be picked in early spring before the plant has flowered to add to salad, it can also be used in place of spinach. Dandelions have been used by humans as food and as a herb for much of recorded history. HEALTH BENEFITS: Diuretic, tremendous amount of vitamin A (25 times the amount in tomato juice and 50 times that of asparagus.)

THISTLES have spiny tipped leaves and a red purple flower, they can be used as a pot herb and in salads, be sure and clip the spine before putting them in your salad  Thistles are found in fields across the United States. HEALTH BENEFITS: regulate menopausal heat symptoms, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, protect and restore liver, cleansing during Candida fungal and  bacteria die off.

LAMB’S QUARTER’S is commonly regarded as a weed, this plant can be found in Europe and North America in damp or acidic soils from Spring to Fall. Lamb’s Quarter’s can be used in salads, and as a pot herb, and in place of spinach. HEALTH BENEFITS: high in protein, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, it is also closely related to Quinoa.

BURDOCK is commonly found around abandoned buildings, manure piles, residential yards, and in Northern U.S. and Southern Canada. Peel the roots and it can be eaten alone raw or with salads. HEALTH BENEFITS: Blood and purifying agent –clearing the blood of toxins. Diuretic- rid the body of excess fluid. Improve hair strength, shine and body (dandruff and hair loss.)  It is also rich in essential fatty acids.

CHICK WEED these annual plants can be used in salads and as pot herbs. They are found in waste lots, gardens, and disturbed soils. They survive winter frosts. Chick weed are a very wholesome green vegetable, when boiled it resembles the taste of spinach. HEALTH BENEFITS: Commonly called nailwort, derived from the disease of the fingernail which it may be used to cure.

CLOVER can be used in salads, to make tea and as a pot herb; it can be eaten raw or boiled. Eastern whites can be used to make clover tea by brewing the dried flower heads. It is best to dip clover leaves in salt water before eating. Eating the leaves in excess can cause bloating. HEALTH BENEFITS: Very high in protein, should be juiced it’s not easy to digest raw.

CAT TAILS is a tall plant up to 15 ft with stiff pale green leaves, the young root stocks have a sweet taste and are high in starchy material. They should be grated, boiled and the starchy material drained out for use. Cat tails can be found in the spring and summer in or alongside the fresh or brackish water of marshes and ponds. HEALTH BENEFITS: It is a energy rich food source and a source of oil.

PLANTAIN  has one easily recognized sedge Carex Plantagenet, plantain-leaf sedge. With its plump and vivacious green leaves with dark purple sheaths, plantain-leaf sedge has plenty of sparkle.  Plantain-leaf sedge has wrinkled, wide leaves (8 to 32mm wide) and basal sheaths that are deep wine-red in color. The leaves will over-winter and often appear shriveled or dead at the tips.  It  grows in the deep shade of mesic  forests, especially along moist north facing slopes with cold-air drainage.  It’s  a great plant for shade gardens because it blooms early, has interesting leaf morphology, and can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions. Deer and rabbits have also been observed to munch on the fertile calms of this sedge, probably because it blooms early; when there are not many other plants to eat. HEALTH BENEFITS: Anti venom for snake bites smoking cessation, diahorea, bladder problems, bronchitis, fever, hypertension, blood sugar control, heat leaves for wet dressing for wounds, skin inflammation, cuts and stings.

How To Peserve Food & Enzymes From Your Summer Garden…

Its nearing the end of summer in the northern hemisphere and it time to store our fruits, vegetables and berries which we have collected from our summer gardens. What we are going to share with you will not necessarily prove popular with some in the raw food community, but we believe in good science an therefore we have to speak out, as the health of 0ur family and friends is much more important to us than raw food dogma.

We therefore  suggest freezing as much locally grown organic raw vegetables, fruits and berries as possible, unless you have access t this level of fresh living  nutrition year around.

The freezing process will cause the enzymes to become inactive thereby preserving the nutritional values. Testing shows there will be a reduction in the enzymatic action of some of the enzymes but the freezing will not denature all the enzymes, like cooking does.  Scientist estimate only 10%-30%. of the enzymes are denatured in the freezing process.produce hauling  truck We feel you will be much better off eating fresh, frozen, organically grown produce, rather than having to purchase food that has not been left to ripen on the vine . The grocery stores are also selling food which has traveled across the country, or has been flown in from halfway around the world, so the food source is sometimes unknown and with the loss of water volume much of the vitamins and phyto-nutrients have been reduced.

Once fruits, vegetables or berries are cut from the vine ,their nutrient source, they begin to immediately looses nutrients. A piece of produce two weeks enzyme deathold may have lost 50% of its nutritional value.

Our bodies need real food that is nutritionally dense, whether raw and untouched or frozen. The choice is your and we honor your choices.prehistoric man

Cooking food was the way early man preserved it. There was no refrigeration or dehydration. To keep there food from rotting they had to stop the enzymatic processes and that’s why when we cook our food the enzymes begin to decrease. This decrease starts between 104 and 106 degrees and by the time the temperature reaches 120 degrees all the enzymes are destroyed.

Cooking food also diminishes the oxygen levels, destroying the foods ability to bring life giving oxygen to our cells.  An easy way to remember the best temperature to cook you foods is “105 stay alive”.

If you are in the area we would love you to stop by and visit the garden here at Creative Health Institute. Dr. Ann Wigmore loved the gardens here at the institute and we have many unpublished pictures of her in the garden and on the grounds picking more than 30 varieties of wild edibles.

Remember raw food is amazing and nutritious, but raw living food is what you need to be eating to experience the highest level of health.Wishing you  healthiest life ever.


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