Insulin Potentiation Therapy – (IPT)


Early on in my medical career as a Family Physician, I noticed that much of the suffering of cancer patients appeared to be caused by the treatments for their disease. Intuitively, I felt we should be able to improve on this situation. I made it my personal dedication in my practice of medicine to find ways to soften the impact of our cancer care on people with these diseases. That motive led me to discover a medical therapy called Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) and another, more general approach to managing cancer called Comprehensive Cancer Care.Steven G. Ayre, M.D.’

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What are the benefits of IPT Treatment?

•IPT can be very tough against tumors while being very kind to the patient, who continues to live a normal and vital lifestyle during treatment.

•If there is a chemotherapy drug that works against a particular type of tumor, it is believed to work better with IPT. The insulin employed enables the physician to direct all the chemotherapeutic agents to the cancer cells only, mostly sparing the normal cells and thereby minimizing the throes of conventional chemotherapy. Therefore, only approximately 10% of the customary dosage of conventional chemotherapy is required. And as a result of this low dosage, with far less toxicity, up to four different chemotherapeutic agents can be administered at each weekly treatment!

•Treatments require only approximately 2 hours per week and are administered in the physician’s clinic.

•Treatment costs are significantly less than the conventional protocol.

•Nobody has ever died from IPT. This cannot be said for conventional chemotherapy.

Cancer chemotherapy– without major side effects.

Gentle cancer treatment- — without trauma.

Available to patients today, with no need to wait years for government (FDA) approval.

With IPT, regular drugs act like “super” drugs, for treatment of many different diseases.

These are observations that some IPT doctors have reported for many years.

Supported by scientific papers, and reports from many doctors.  However, despite more than 140 years of cumulative reported IPT success, and billions of dollars spent on other medical research, no clinical or laboratory research on IPT has been done or funded… yet.

IPT deserves laboratory studies and clinical trials.

“The second discovery of insulin.” ™



Author: Robert Morgan, Certified Naturopath

Robert Morgan - "Bobby" is the past Health Education Director at CHI. A certified Naturopath, Iridologist, Energy Practitioner, Colonic Therapist, Master Raw Live Food, Chef, Author, International Lecturer, Teacher, and Cancer "Survivor". Dr. Bobby is dedicated to continuing to carry out the work of Creative Health Institute, the vision of Dr. Ann Wigmore, and all of the souls who have dedicated their lives to unconditional love, kindness, peace, and natural health.

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