Creative Health Institute Has Immediate Opening For Interns

CHI needs your help! We miss calculated our need for interns for fall season. Our guest attendance is running at an all time high and we need individuals who can come and begin their internship immediately. Contact Robert (Bobby) Morgan, Program Director & Health Education Director,112 West Union City Road, Union City, Michigan 49094,  if you are able to be here by the first week in September, 2011, you can call us at 866.426.1213.

Requirements of the internship:
1. You must be willing to sign an agreement which states, during your 12 week stay you’ll participate in the CHI program which includes maintaining a 100% raw diet while on the grounds.
2. We are looking for healthy individuals who have the heart and capability to serve others. This is imperative, as we believe that when we serve others in this manner we receive our healing.
3. You will be scheduled 6 shifts a week, a minimum 6 hours a day. You must be willing to work when scheduled and may be required to work extra shifts if needed. We are looking for people who will take ownership in the institute and be willing to do what it takes to enhance our program.
4. Must be open minded, and adjust easily to change.
5. Must be able to work in environments that you may not be familiar with or comfortable with. You may be asked to step outside of your box.
6. Able to commit to a three month stay, unless you are selected for a short-term special assignment.
7. Must stay on the grounds during working hours, except for day off.
8. Willing to work with guests to ensure their stay is memorable experience.
9. Must be able to work and live with others in a harmonious manner. If you are prone to gossiping then this is not the place for you.
10. We need people who do not have overwhelming and pressing issues that may keep them from performing to their optimum ability.
11. There is a $1,000 non-refundable commitment fee. $500 must be paid 30 days before your arrival with the remaining $500 to be paid when you arrive at CHI.
12.Please understand there is a 2-week probationary period. If we find you are not compatible with other interns, staff members, guests, or not participating in the program your internship will be immediately terminated.
13. Must be physically fit and willing to carry out tasks as assigned.
14. Must be willing to share quarters with other interns.

What you will get:
1. You may receive a nationally recognized raw living food chef certification. This certification could provide you money making opportunities in the future.
2. You may be awarded a certification as a counselor in health and healing through raw living foods.
3. Room and board will be included in your stay. You will have 3 great meals a day, along with, all the wheatgrass juice and rejuvelac you can drink.
4. You will receive the opportunity to meet and share time with individuals from all over the world.
5. You will have the opportunity to attend classes for FREE and learn all the CHI programs and raw living food lifestyle.
6. You will have bragging rights that you have completed an internship at the crown jewel of all of the health and wellness centers in the United States.
7. Those interns who have performed their duties at the highest level may be offered a staff position or the rights to open a licensed Creative Health Institute in your state.

If you are selected to be an intern, this is a list of things you’ll need to bring with you or ship before your arrival:

  • 1 set of twin sheets and a pillow case
  • 1 blanket
  • 4-5 Days change of clothes
  • Tennis shoes
  • Hiking boots
  • Bug spray (organic)
  • Sunglasses
  • Lite jacket – Summer     Heavy Jacket – Winter
  • Gardening gloves
  • Visor or hat
  • CD/Radio/Earphones
  • Personal reading light
  • Laptop computer (optional)
  • Prescription medication or herbs
  • Skin brush
  • Natural toothpaste (may be purchased here)
  • Natural deodorant (may be purchased here)
  • For those who will be completing their holistic health counselor certification, an additional $200 should be brought to purchase classroom books, pencils, pens and spiral notebooks.

The requirements for the internship are very rigid, but what you will gain from the experience will far outweigh all of the studying and hard work that you will put in as an intern at CHI.

Please take time to reflect on our needs and your own. A three month stay does not always sound like a lot, but when pulled away from family, friends and responsibilities, it can be a positive or a negative thing.


To apply, please fill out the questionnaire.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Robert Morgan

Program Director & Health Education Director
112 West Union City Road
Union City,Michigan49094

Tel: 866.426.1213 or 517.278.6260

 We Have Three Other Openings:

  • 1 short term (30-60 days) volunteer to assist in our organic garden.
  • 1 short term (30-60 days) volunteer to assist with grounds keeping.
  • 1 short term (2 weeks – 60 days) volunteer to assist with building maintenance and repair.

Should you be selected you will be part of a team that for 39 years has been committed to standing shoulder to shoulder with our guests to find the perfect balance for health, wellness and longevity.

As an intern you will be supporting and working with guests and students who have come to the institute to detox their bodies and strengthen their immune systems. Many are suffering from cancer, diabetes and heart disease, while others have come to acquire the knowledge and tools to keep themselves at the highest health levels, naturally!


Creative Health Institute Interns Make Life Better For Others



Creative Health Institute Needs Your Help – Volunteer In July-August Or September


If you’re hard-working and service-oriented, we’d love to have you volunteer for one week to a month. We’re looking for painters, mechanics, computer network engineers, typists, receptionists, gardeners, groundskeepers and housekeepers.

While here you will get the very best raw living food in the country. We provide you a shared room, food and a chance to see what it’s like to live in a raw vegan community. In exchange for helping us, you will get to attend some raw-food preparation classes and enjoy the health benefits of drinking wheatgrass everyday during your stay. Call Lauri or Michelle at 866-426-1213, if you are ready to come and help.

Love, Light & Blessings from all of us at Creative Health Institute.

Robert (Bobby) Morgan


CHI Seeks Skilled Interns

We are in immediate need of interns who are skilled in these areas:

  • Maintenance
  • Computer networking
  • Lawn care and gardening
  • Semiprofessional painting

We are offering 30- to 90-day internships for people who have these particular skill sets. Your internship will give you:

  • Amazing access to the healthiest food in the world
  • Daily wheatgrass shots and facials
  • Daily lymphatic exercise classes to stimulate your energy and immune system
  • Opportunity to attend raw living food education classes on a wide-range of topics including; sprouting, colon health and living your life with intentional focus.
  • Enjoyment our natural rural Michigan setting in the spring and summer when wildlife and wildflowers are amazing.

As a Creative Health Institute intern you go through a 10-Day Detox program with our guests before you start your internship, a $2295 value.

The cost of your internship program is $1000 to cover the expense of your detox program and training within the first three weeks of your stay.

If you stay with us for a full 90 Days and complete our requirements and certification courses, you will receive certification as a holistic health counselor and raw food chef.

Being a Creative Health Institute intern will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. We work hard and the benefits are amazing because we see and experience life transformations on a daily basis.

If you are a service-oriented person with an excellent work ethic who would like to intern at our raw living food community, please click HERE to fill out our initial interview. Expect to hear back from someone on our staff within 48- hours.

Check Out The New Programs We Launched In 2010….

  Haven’t Been Here In A While?            

  • Raw Chef Weekends.
  • 21 Day Type 2  Diabetes Reversal Classes ( Type 1 Insulin Reduction Up To 80%)
  • 5 Day Ultra Fast Detox-Rebuild Programs
  • All Inclusive 2 And 3 Day Weekend Retreats
  • 3 Day Juice Detox&Rebuild Classes – Start Every Thursday Evening
  • Fully Renovated Facilities in 2008
  • Upgraded Private Rooms With Private Baths
  • Thursday Evening Detox and Rebuild Program Start Times, So You Don’t Have To Take As Many Days Off From Work
  • Kayaks Treks on The River That Borders The Center
  • Bike Riding And Walking Tours
  • Wild Edible Tours During Every 10 Day Program
  • Wild Edible Energy Soups and Smoothies
  • Individualized Weigh Loss Counseling & Training.
  • Learn About The Culture of Life & How To Oxygenate Your Body
  • Lymphasizing Your Way To Spectacular Health.
  • Dozens of New Live Interactive Raw Living Food Preparation Demonstrations During 10 Day Programs
  • Receive More Than 100 Living Food Recipes..
  • Hands on Sprouting And Wheatgrass Growing.
  • Restorative Yoga.
  • Non Religious Relaxation and Meditation Classes.
  • Breathing For Life Classes.
  • Radical Forgiveness Classes.
  • Private Health Education Counseling.
  • Morning Prayer And Healing Circles.

 We would love to see you. Stop in for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Make sure to call ahead. If your thinking about attending classes or just coming our for a detox/rebuild or raw chef certification make sure that when you call you ask the receptionist if there are any specials running.



Interns Needed ASAP At Creative Health Institute

We have an emergency situation!
 Two of our interns have had to leave the Institute this week due to unforeseen circumstances.  


We Are In Immediate Need Of Two Interns, Who Will Be Able To Commit To The 90 Day Internship Program And Be Able To Start As Soon As Possible.


We Have Three Other Openings:
  • 1 short term (30-60 days) Intern to assist in our organic garden. 
  • 1 short term (30-60 days) Intern  to assist with grounds keeping. 
  • 1 short term (2 weeks – 60 days) Intern to assist with building maintenance and repair.
 Should you be selected you will be part of a team that for 37 years has been committed to standing shoulder to shoulder with our guests to find the perfect balance for health, wellness and longevity

As an intern you will be supporting and working with guests and students who have come to the institute to detox their bodies and strengthen their immune systems. Many are suffering from cancer, diabetes and heart disease, while others have come to acquire the knowledge and tools to keep themselves at the highest health levels, naturally!
CHI  Building

Creative Health Institute Interns Make Life Better For Others

Creative Health Institute – Internship Programs

  Our Interns Are Focused On
As an Intern you will learn the Living Foods Lifestyle as originated by Dr. Ann Wigmore, who taught here for many years.  As you help others, you will be helping yourself and have the opportunity to learn how to live a truly, totally healthy natural lifestyle.

Our Mission:

“Our commitment is to inspire every participant in our program to live a transformed life of superb health and well-being and to enroll others in sharing our vision.”
If you are in excellent health and ready to commit three months of your life in service to others, then call us now at 866.426.1213 and find out more about our internship program and to see if you qualify.