Interns Needed ASAP At Creative Health Institute

We have an emergency situation!
 Two of our interns have had to leave the Institute this week due to unforeseen circumstances.  


We Are In Immediate Need Of Two Interns, Who Will Be Able To Commit To The 90 Day Internship Program And Be Able To Start As Soon As Possible.


We Have Three Other Openings:
  • 1 short term (30-60 days) Intern to assist in our organic garden. 
  • 1 short term (30-60 days) Intern  to assist with grounds keeping. 
  • 1 short term (2 weeks – 60 days) Intern to assist with building maintenance and repair.
 Should you be selected you will be part of a team that for 37 years has been committed to standing shoulder to shoulder with our guests to find the perfect balance for health, wellness and longevity

As an intern you will be supporting and working with guests and students who have come to the institute to detox their bodies and strengthen their immune systems. Many are suffering from cancer, diabetes and heart disease, while others have come to acquire the knowledge and tools to keep themselves at the highest health levels, naturally!
CHI  Building

Creative Health Institute Interns Make Life Better For Others

Author: Robert Morgan, Certified Naturopath

Robert Morgan - "Bobby" is the past Health Education Director at CHI. A certified Naturopath, Iridologist, Energy Practitioner, Colonic Therapist, Master Raw Live Food, Chef, Author, International Lecturer, Teacher, and Cancer "Survivor". Dr. Bobby is dedicated to continuing to carry out the work of Creative Health Institute, the vision of Dr. Ann Wigmore, and all of the souls who have dedicated their lives to unconditional love, kindness, peace, and natural health.

16 thoughts on “Interns Needed ASAP At Creative Health Institute”

  1. I think your write up was probably a awesome kick off to a potential series of posts about this topic. So many users pretend to know what they are writing about when it comes to this stuff and in reality, nearly no one actually get it. You seem to grasp it though, so I think you ought to run with it. Thanks a lot!


  2. I will be calling you in a few minutes, to tell you that I would love to be an intern. I can stay the 60 days

    Ella Scott 731-845-3207


  3. I am interested in a short term internship. I have been to creative institute as a student and as an intern. I have worked in the bookstore with Hiawatha and I helped out when the former secretary went on vacations.

    I am interest in working with the Creative Health Institute in any capacity.


    Jo Ann Coulson


  4. My father went to CHI 17 yrs ago and cure himself of stage 4 Live Cancer when he was only given 6 months to live! My mother, father, sister and myself have all been to CHI. I have also been to OHI and AWI in Puerto Rico-I love to see people turn their challenges around! I would love to be a short term intern(30 days) in Sept-if you are needing one in the garden still.
    I welcome the opportunity to learn and to help this profound way of life reach as many people as possible.
    Please, contact me with any concern or questions.
    Here’s to your health,
    Kelly Vaccarelli


    1. Kelly,
      We look forward to your coming and doing a short term internship. The garden is in full production and we will be blessed to have your assistance. I also want to make sure we get on our new web page which lists health counselors who are inline with Dr. Ann’s vision. Thanks for all you do for so many.
      Love and blessings,


  5. I am interest in internship. My job is ending Sept. 18, so can come out shortly after that, and can stay till no longer needed. I have worked at a retreat center for an year before. I would love to be of service whatever way I can.


  6. Hi Angel, Bobby etc. This is catherine I would love to come and do an internship for oct, nov, dec. Can you let me know. Have a great day


  7. My wife and I have both completed the 2 week program in 2004-05, I in Dec. 04 – Jan. 05 (?), and she following me. WE would be interested in ANY short-term internship, preferably the two-week one to start. Since completing your course, she was to have had her knee operated on – a double-knee total replacement – but, with prayer and a subsequent 22 day supervised water fast at another clinic, she has just last year had to undergo ONLY a one knee partial replacement. It all started at CHI. GO WOLVERINES!

    Bill and Florence Cowley


  8. Hi!
    My friend Sharon put me on to this email this a.m. How exciting! I would like to participate! I will send an email with my particulars, and see if the meetup could be interesting!


  9. To all potential interns,

    Be prepared for an experiemce that will change you forever. Serving as an intern at CHI is like no other! You will be part of a body of workers who are dedicated to humankind in a way that reaches into the heart and soul of every individual that enters through the doors as either a guest, staff, or a fellow intern. True enrichment and life changing! My time spent over the summer of 2010 will never bear an equal!


  10. I am available for 90 days or longer. I left my job in 2009 to study a holistic healing therapy called Bio-Mechanics through Aquarian Age Healing.

    Additionally, I have been studying Jin Shin Jyiatsu on my own for three years and applying it to myself and others with a great deal of success.

    I am currently employed through a temporary agency doing transcription,for a little income while I build my skill set in the Healing Arts.

    One of my immediate goals is to develop as a raw foods chef/advisor in order that I may effectively provide the ultimate nutritional guidance to my clients.

    I am committed to a life of serving others in health and well being. The personal rewards of witnessing the restoration of good health and pain-free living of the loving souls that cross my path is without measure.

    I have had military training as a Network Switching Operator/Maintainer – setting up mobile phone lines and internet connections while in the Army National Guard.

    While in the Navy, from 1984-1988, I had an opportunity to work on a base as part of a team responsible for base beautification. We planted flowers, trimmed shrubs, weed wacking and even striping in parking lots and along the base roadways.

    I would love an opportunity to learn, grow, and share the work of providing a service of support to all those ready to take up the responsibilty of their own health and well being.

    Out of all of the skills that I have to offer, the greatest among these is my love of service.

    May your selection be that of those who will best serve in loving support of this great effort to teach a life style of wholeness.

    In humble appreciation for all that you do,

    Jill Buford (Nuri Vadan)


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