30 Days of Weight Loss Tips and Inspiration: Day 18


Weight Loss Tip # 18: Avoid grandiose thinking. Just KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Losing weight can be exciting. And too much excitement can throw us off balance and create an emotional  setup in which we have more frequent urges to turn to food to calm our nerves.

But we are done with our unhealthy lifestyles. Now we’re embarking upon a life of health and wholeness — one day at a time. To achieve our goals for healthy living, we need to stay focused on each day and the  tasks at hand. We cannot afford to daydream about the future and imagine some  time when we will look amazingly fabulous — or when our loved ones will behave perfectly — or when we will have tons of money.

All we  have is today. And if we chose to live it simply, we have our best shot at happiness and health. Smell the daisies today.

Daily Inspiration: “Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art.” ~ Frank Lloyd Wright.

Let your life be a work of art today. Keep it simple.


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