Creative Health Institutes Great Raw Food and Health Education Links

Creative Health Institutes Friends Links This is one of the best raw food sites on the web… Articles and recipes galore. CHECK IT OUT.

The Raw Gourmet – Awesome site promoting excellent book! MUST SEE
Living Nutrition Magazine – The #1 Living foods Magazine.
Rawtimes – probably the 1st site on the web for raw foods – North Bay,California Living and Raw Food Community
Gardenofhealth – Excellent Site about Raw foods, with articles and more! – Shop for all your raw foods at the Raw World.
Premier Raw Fooders of the World – Some of the leading people in raw foods.
Ann Wigmore, Puerto Rico – Ann is known as “The mother of Living Foods”
Ann Wigmore Foundation – Teaching Living foods in New Mexico.
Hippocrates Health Institute – In Florida, promotes living foods
Hipprocrates Health Resort of Asia – In the Philippines.
Tree of Live Rejuvenation Center – In Arizona run by Dr. Gabriel Cousens
Optimum Health Institute – In San Diego, CA and Austin,TX
Living Food Institute in Finland – Christian healing center  – Chet has many informative articles about health & raw foods. – Living foods as related to Christianity and Living and Raw Foods.
Shirley’s Wellness Cafe – Nicely done site with many more links
Loving-Foods – Restaurant in Hawaii, good information.
San Francisco Living Foods Enthusiasts – Oldest Living Food Support Group
Live Food Lifestyle – Resources for living foods.
Raw Food and Natural Lifestyle Newsletter – REAL Newsletter Information.
The Fresh Network – Leading Raw Food Network based in the U.K.
Our Place- Ray Kent – The Formula: Fasting, Sunshine, Pure Eating, Love
Living in the Raw RecipeBook – Must See!
Natural Hygiene Online – Pure, Raw, Natural Hygiene
Fruitarian Network – Information about fruitarianism
HealSelf – Teaches people how to heal themselvses naturally
Rawfood club on yahoo – Discussions, sharing of info and tips on raw food diet.
Jesus Diet -fasting, raw food, fruitarian, breatharianism, urine therapy, etc
Raw Food for your Animals -Learn about feeding domestic animals in the raw!
Fruitarian Universal Network – Excellent resources for fruitarians.
Soil and Health Library – Natural Hygiene books on-line (Bieler, Tilden, Shelton etc)
Teach Them Raw Eating – Aterhov speaks his piece!

Just Eat An Apple Website – The World’s Foremost Magazine on the Raw-Food Diet
Fruitarian org Justa Bananer – About fruitarianism, natural hygiene, and more
Natural Hygiene WEBRING – linking Natural Hygiene Websites
Strategies for True Health – Natural Hygiene website with excellent information
Chlorophils Magic Homepage – Living food information & permaculture info
Stanley Bass – Super nutrition and superior health (natural hygiene oriented)
Living Light Culinary Arts Institute– Teaching the art of Raw Living Food Cuisine.
Living Way – Ministry of health advocates a living food diet. – tons of resources and information  along with recipes
Raw Health – Site with good short articles and recipes on raw health.
Towards Freedom – Site covers many aspects of health. Great Information.
Alternative Health Talk – Alternate health information including raw foods.
Bund für Gesundheit e.V. – German site about eating fruits and wild plants.
Lifefood – David Jubb’s Live food site
RawLife – Paul Nison’s raw site, check out the exotic fruit page!

DrDay – A medical Doctor heals herself of cancer with raw foods & juicing
Artistic Living – includes all fields, also raw diet and testimonial
Fruitarian Worldwide Network –  The World’s premier fruitarian resources
RawSedona – Supporting the Raw / Live foods community in Sedona, Arizona.
Wildman Steve– Learn about WILD EXOTIC foods that are freely available
Live Food Sun Child – publications regarding raw and living foods.
Rhio’s Raw Energy – promotes Raw/Live food lifestyle
The Fruit Pages– Everything you want to know about fruit, losing weight&more!
Shazzie –  Raw transition and fasting journals
Paradisian – Dr. Lovewisdom’s books. The enlightened way of paradisian living.
Spring Festival of Raw & Living Foods Information on the annual raw foods festival in Portland, Oregon
Rainbow – a raw-vegan community in thailand
Raw Courage World – From Raw Courage himself to the Internet- Interesting.
Vegan Fruitarianism – Vegan and Fruitarian Philosophies unite.
A WAY OUT –  book on raw foodism by health/fitness expert Matthew Grace
LivingFoods UK – Foremost & long established centre for teaching Living Foods

Super Sprouts -raw foods retailer in canada.. Has info on sprouting..
Menschennahrung/Human-Foods – Perhaps germanys largest raw-food-page
Vibrancy – Natural Hygiene and Life Sciences related.
Raw Paleolithic Diet – Info about all “raw” diets- including animal products.
Annette Larkins – Grandma who looks like a model  teaches about raw foods
Raw Food Life–  Small site with some good info on raw foods.
Pure Joy Living Foods – Chef Elaine love’s site with yummy recipes and more!
Arnold’s Way – raw cafe in PA offers classes, as well as good info!
Eat Raw Raw Food Products for Organic Health and Natural Diets.  is an online resource with recipes, menu planning kits, a free monthly newsletter, and raw-food e-books.  – A living food center in Sweden – Your Source for Raw and live  Food Products

Pets and Raw Foods

Healthy Healing – Watch a video about pepper a 4yr old Shih Tzu
Bones and Raw Food Diet – excellent information on raw for pets.
Sojourner Farms Homepage – Raw foods for pets in minutes.
Step by Step Pets and Raw Foods – How to prepare raw foods for pets
Raw Dog DVD – A good site with video clips and good video!

Other – Learn all about the power of the breath and how to increase it..
Remineralize the Earth – Free Books on Regenerating the Soil.
Mango Mama’s Attachment parenting and Home Birth Site – as the title says.
Maya’s Natural World – Excellent sit about natural health, childbirth, parenting
Cord International – Top quality original “lost classic” Hawaiian Music.
Beyond Health the latest breakthroughs in biochemistry and molecular biology.

Colitis, IIleitis & Crohn’s Education – Learn about these bowel disorders and how to heal them
City Blues – CityBlues is for those who yearn to return to the land and live country.
California Avocado Commission – Official site of the California Avocado Commission.
California Strawberry Commission – Official site of the California Strawberry Commission.
Soystache – A vegetarian/vegan site with long list of vegetarian famous people
Jesus was a vegetarian – Interesting site with a book and information.
California Rare Fruit Growers – A fruit growing gateway (awesome!) – personal growth and learn about toxics in the bathroom
Famous Veggies – a site listing famous vegetarians and vegans
The Spa Resort – Thailand’s Koh Samui Island for inexpensive fasting & rejuvenation programs.
EarthStar Primal Habitat – information on simple living- working less/living more!
Streamings – A gentle exercise that relaxes our breathing muscle (diaphragm) with marvelous results.
Love For Animals – Animal welfare & rescue site featuring a vegan information
Alkalize For Health – 8 step program to prevent and reverse cancer.
BodymindResources.comFree classes putting the power of physical freedom in your hands through stretching, self deep tissue massage…
Earth & Table –  Discussion of growing, preserving, and preparing healthy food.
Carrot Museum – Tracing history, nutrition, cultivation w/ trivia and crafts.
Body Mass Index Calculator – Most raw/living foodists generally have a BMI lower than the average population.
Vegetarians in Paradise – Monthly Los Angeles Vegetarian Magazine
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – An interesting site that promotes vegetarianism, many studies, and reports, a wealth of knowledge.
RayJardine’s Adventure Page– Backpacking/Hiking with a raw foods twist.
Wellness Center – World authority on hormones, women’s health, male/female menopause, homeopathy, and Viagra.
Mothers for Natural Law – Genetically engineered vegetables and food info – learn why cows milk may not be the best to drink.
Herb Info – Excellent info on herbs and other vegetables

Author: Robert Morgan, Certified Naturopath

Robert Morgan - "Bobby" is the past Health Education Director at CHI. A certified Naturopath, Iridologist, Energy Practitioner, Colonic Therapist, Master Raw Live Food, Chef, Author, International Lecturer, Teacher, and Cancer "Survivor". Dr. Bobby is dedicated to continuing to carry out the work of Creative Health Institute, the vision of Dr. Ann Wigmore, and all of the souls who have dedicated their lives to unconditional love, kindness, peace, and natural health.

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