Chef Class Testimonials

September 5, 2010

My participation at Raw Chef I this weekend was a most wonderful experience. Since I have started on my new journey embracing the “Raw Foods” lifestyle, I have introduced to a naturally healthy way of life. The foods that have been presented are “amazing!” My transition to this way of eating will not be the challenge I anticipated. Everything from the guacamole to the garden burgers are a very welcomed taste! I have been well educated and equipped with the tools to integrate the lifestyle smoothly. Thank you Bobby and CHI staff for your love, patience, and knowledge. ~ C.B.

As usual, CHI is a fabulous place for healing. Magnificent staff and there are always huge benefits to a visit... a great weekend, beautiful learning in a wonderful place. ~ K. S.

The Raw Chef I class has been a tremendous blessing to me and will be to my family and friends, they’re all very excited! My husband and kids have been asking a lot of questions and everybody wants a demonstration. What  really love about this class is how simple it is. I really hope to stress this point when I do a demonstration. Raw food is simple and tastes great! I love art and food! Raw food is beautiful – all of the bright colors make it so easy for a simple and beautiful presentation! I love it! ~ Annie

I enjoyed the classes. The food was wonderful, the staff just great.~ M.D.

I enjoyed the Raw Chef I experience immensely! It was fun! The food was delicious. I loved the welcoming buffet! It was a bit of a shock to see how entertaining in the raw could be so delightful to friends and families who aren’t “raw.” The chocolate frosting – the macaroons -the pizza – the amazing hot fudge banana sundaes! All excruciatingly delicious. I was constantly surprised at how scrumptious and easy the recipes are to make. In addition, we were educated by the knowledgeable Bobby who humorously spiced up the demonstrations with experiences from his personal journey through the raw living food world and who helped us to understand the nutrient content of the foods we prepared and how they could play a role in our healing and leading energetic, purposeful lives! ~ J.V.

It was great the way everyone was included in the preparation of the food and the appreciation of those who were unable to participate.

The Raw Chef I class  is going to prepare me for raw living and I can only say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” The tools I am taking home from this course leave me with no room for excuses! I am anxious to share these recipes with my friends and family knowing that I will have a part in improving their health with yummy “live” foods. Of course I will be looking for ways to attend Raw Chef II very soon! ~ V.S.

I love you! You are the best! Raw food Chef I opened my eyes to eating in a manner that zaps the stress! No more counting calories, now more diet craziness – I can eat like a queen and keep my self-esteem. The food like garden burgers and zucchini spaghetti have my heart all a flutter! Thank, thank you, thank you – for I am truly grateful! (P.S. I love the love that emanates [here] you have shown me it’s not too late! ~ I.R.W.

I love the Chef I course. I’m learning the nuances which prove beneficial! The class is fun. The chefs are fun and funny. I’m learning to make seed cheese, spaghetti zucchini, granola, pancakes, almond milk, butter, syrup, ketchup, mustard, mayo, burgers, stuffed mushrooms and many more [dishes]. I’m eating living foods to live and the tastes are spectacular. I love informal (and professional) training. We received professional training in a loving atmosphere. I would like to participate in Chef II and Chef III courses! ~ D.C.

To be exposed to such great flavors, textures, smells, and beautifully presented dishes makes my mouth ready and salivating for the next eating adventure in the raw food world. I can’t get enough and this class only whets the appetite. There is more to come and oh, what a healthy adventure this will be. ~ M.M.

This has been an incredible experience. What we have learned here, from foods and nutrition to alternative therapies for cancer, diabetes and other disease processes, is all evidence based. I will be returning for more education and healing. ~ A.B.

It’s been an amazing experience! I have learned to much and really want to come back for detox…I am really excited to improve my health. Everyone here has been so loving and supportive and I knew I was meant to be here and I cannot wait to come back. In fact, I really don’t want to leave. I knew driving here in such a rush that I was meeting my new family. (P.S. I learned my lesson about wheatgrass and it was most excellent!) Lots of love and infinite blessings! ~ G.C.

I’ve only been here for one day and I have noticed a feeling of well being [that]everyone exhibits. The demos are informative and seeing things prepared helps us with texture. Showing knife skills and kitchen short cuts helps those with no experience in cooking or kitchen experience.

The raw chef course introduced me to the tasty, gourmet aspect of living foods. During the 10 day detox, I learned how to sprout, make rejuvelac, and energy soup. For a number of days I only ate energy soup and drank rejuvelac. On the days when I ate something more, it was mainly salads and variations on salad. It was edible. It was good for me. Then came the Raw Chef experience! The first meal we had was a gazpacho soup and I couldn’t believe how good it was, we continued with other delicious meals, e.g. zucchini pasta with marinara sauce, garden burgers and to my delight, the best chocolate cake! I was especially gratified to learn that chocolate consumption was encouraged because of the high antioxidant content of cocoa. All in all, the meals were delicious and my appreciation for raw living food was revolutionized.

The food was so good and so healthy that the possibility of actually eating this way became realistic. The course included numerous demonstrations that I found very instructive and it gave me the feeling that preparation could be done without difficulty. I gained an understanding of the implements that are used to prepare these meals. Overall, I’m quite happy to be exposed to this knowledge and to know that it’s accessible to me – thanks. ~ JR

This chef I class has been a wonderful start for my new future with raw food. I needed this class for new ideas and to help me to be able to feed my family and friends with new food choices and fresh ideas. Being here at CHI has really opened my eyes, my mind, and spiritual path. I’ve felt so much love, peace, and joy since I’ve been here and I look forward to coming back for many years to grow even more and to help when ever I can. Thank so much for being here for me and my family. ~ D.C.

This has been an amazing weekend. I have met some awesome people and have learned some wonderful recipes. I am now able to take this information back to my area and share it with as many people as I possibly can. I have also had the opportunity to learn from others and grow as a person in every area of my life.

The smoked pepper cheese log was AWESOME! It joined with the crecker to beat down the hunger as a crime-fighting duo and also managed to find the time to party with the taste buds of your mouth until they experienced pure untainted happiness! CHI is full of kind people trying to achieve a comon goal. In the short time I’ve spent here it has become evident to me that the support system here is strong and it is what creates a strong foundation for people to embark on their raw food journey. This place really helps people. My little eleven-year-old sister is a type one diabetic who was taking between 5 and 6 units of Lantis a night. After staying here she has gone down to taking zero units! Miraculous events happen here. People come here to walk on the road of recovery so they can step closer and closer to a cure. CHI has filled my family with hope after traditional doctors tried tirelessly to take it away. I have seen the change in my sister’s face. I see her radiating an aura of health. I know she is constantly progressing and I believe CHI can use their magic to completely cure her.

I have enjoyed learning the different dishes that can be made using all natural ingredients. I do believe that there is a market to be developed in this country to show us all that we don’t have to go with the “norm.” That those things we feel we must give up to stay healthy with out food intake can be made a different way and be made the way nature intended for it to be [consumed]. I truly believe this is the way we as Americans should live. ~ J.B.C.

If you never ever plan to incorporate 100% raw and living foods or even a small percentage at first, you still have to treat yourself to a little heven on earth – CHI’s raw, living foods Chef I certification weekend. Not only do you get a chance to meet like-minded people on the road to health, but you will get an opportunity to experience a large array of every day and gourmet recipes. This is truly a loving journey to do “Dessert Research” as you feed your heart and soul with banana splits (frozen bananas), walnut-date balls, coconut macaroons and “too good” chocolate balls dipped in chocolate fudge. To eat this dessert is to make a decision to live forever. But don’t forget to learn how to make the best lunch this side of heaven – garden burgers with mustard, ketchup, and mayo, and kale chips. Now you are on your way. Love yourself and eat well! ~ B.B.

Author: Robert Morgan, Certified Naturopath

Robert Morgan - "Bobby" is the past Health Education Director at CHI. A certified Naturopath, Iridologist, Energy Practitioner, Colonic Therapist, Master Raw Live Food, Chef, Author, International Lecturer, Teacher, and Cancer "Survivor". Dr. Bobby is dedicated to continuing to carry out the work of Creative Health Institute, the vision of Dr. Ann Wigmore, and all of the souls who have dedicated their lives to unconditional love, kindness, peace, and natural health.

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