Multiple Sclerosis – There Is An Answer At Creative Health Institute

If you or a loved one is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis please read this article. With nutrition combined with the right kind of exercises we know that bringing this disease in check is obtainable and even turning it around in later stages is highly possible.  A diet of Raw Living Foods combined with a managed healing program can bring about wonderful results. Take the time to read this article and contact the author, or set up a time to visit our facilities here at Creative Health Institute.

The truth is that MS is effectively curable since 1940! In this year, the German medical doctor Joseph Evers discovered the relation between MS and nutrition, and started treating his first patients with astounding results. They got rid of MS.

Dr. Evers became well known and people from all over Germany came to see him. In the 1950s, Evers opened a hospital to be able to treat more people suffering from MS by simply changing their diet.

His success was a thorn in the side of his colleges. Instead of treating patients in the same way, they accused him of practicing bogus. They closed his clinic and Dr. Evers lost his license to practice.

In the lawsuit, the medical committee was unable to proof their accusation and they lost the case. Eventually Dr. Evers received his license back and the court had to allow him to reopen his clinic. The medical establishment suffered a heavy defeat.

It appears that they are little interested in helping people with an extraordinary solution. Instead, the only solution they have at hand with MS is prescribing medicine.

Imagine how powerful a nutritional treatment must be that doctors did all they could to stop a colleague from helping thousands of people suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Until 1975, Dr. Evers treated some 12,000 MS patients successfully including many of those who sat already in the wheelchair. Despite this outstanding success, Dr. Evers’ treatment has been quite unrecognized in the rest of the world. Instead a thousand fold proven treatment disappeared in the dark. Till to date the effectiveness of Evers’ treatment to cure MS is misrepresented. Interestingly enough medical science withholds the effectiveness deliberately as the success rate is close to 100 percent.

Fortunately, this treatment is available again to everyone in the world who suffers from multiple sclerosis and who is still in search of real help.

Copyright 2009, by G. Joel Ullisperger, M.S.

G. Joel Ullisperger, M.Sc. is a nutrition expert specialized in diet treatment to cure metabolic diseases like multiple sclerosis and other nutrition based civilization diseases including obesity. Joel is an author, speaker and personal consultant advising people around the world in how to use diet to regain health and wellbeing. He wrote “The Secret of Health and Regenerative Nutrition” to open more people the possibility of increased wellbeing.

Author: Robert Morgan, Certified Naturopath

Robert Morgan - "Bobby" is the past Health Education Director at CHI. A certified Naturopath, Iridologist, Energy Practitioner, Colonic Therapist, Master Raw Live Food, Chef, Author, International Lecturer, Teacher, and Cancer "Survivor". Dr. Bobby is dedicated to continuing to carry out the work of Creative Health Institute, the vision of Dr. Ann Wigmore, and all of the souls who have dedicated their lives to unconditional love, kindness, peace, and natural health.

2 thoughts on “Multiple Sclerosis – There Is An Answer At Creative Health Institute”

  1. Hello,
    This is very interesting news. I also know a woman in England, Mrs Barbara Wren,author of “Cellular Awakening” who also healed completely from MS.
    My question to you is are there any testimonials from people who have healed from Parkinson’s or people who have been able to reduce their symptoms through dietary and lifestle changes ?
    I am searching desperately acorss the www for answers to this quaestion. any links or tips are welcomed. Thank you in advance,
    Ingrid Pullar


    1. Dear Ingrid, I suggest you take a look at the movie Eating (Third Edition). There is a woman interviewed in the movie who directs a center similar to CHI (she has been there for several years) and she claims to have seen several people totally reverse both Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease. I can tell you that I came here in October to reverse my Multiple Sclerosis and so far I am having GREAT progress. I plan to stay on as an intern through at least April.
      Peace to you, Patty Maher,
      Bobby Martin’s assistant


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