How To Stop Most Diseases Before They Start

Updated on June 25, 2019
Dr.Ann Wigmore, the founder of the living foods lifestyle. Taught us that a living body needs living food to stop cellular malfunctions.
Dr.Ann Wigmore, the founder of the living foods lifestyle. Taught us that a living body needs living food to stop cellular malfunctions. | Source
To be healthy we must be able to absorb and process nutrients as well as eliminate waste at the cellular level.
To be healthy we must be able to absorb and process nutrients as well as eliminate waste at the cellular level.

Healthy Cells – Healthy Body

Cellular Malfunction

Here is something to think about, when it comes to your health. Could most all disease, aging, and sickness be the result of cellular malfunction?

Inside of every one of your cells is the lysosome and when it malfunctions inside any cell, that cell can no longer absorb nutrients or process waste, so the body becomes susceptible to a host of diseases, illnesses, and undue aging.

New studies, by leading geneticists, are proving what we Naturopaths and holistic advisors have always observed; Cell health requires the elimination of toxic chemicals, proper nutritional assimilation, and reductions of stressful situations.

You Are What You Eat

My mentor and teacher, Dr. Ann Wigmore, ND., taught us that all diseases have their roots in deficiency and toxicity. If this is true, then it makes sense the first thing to suffer the effects of deficiency and toxicity would be our cells. The good news is we can stop early cell death by changing a few things in our lives, starting with what we are eating.

Human cells may look different in shape and size, but they contain similar components and require the very best nutrients to function at peak levels. The average adult is made up of around 100 trillion cells. Every day millions of new cells are replicated, and new cells replace old worn-out and damaged cells. The food you eat throughout the day provides the raw materials needed to create the new cells and protect those which are still replicating, or sustaining.

Cell Lifespan Can Very From 24 hours to 18 months.
Cell Lifespans Can Vary From 24 hours to 18 months. | Source

A New You Is Being Built Every 24 Hours

Most of us humans have more than 100 trillion cells in our bodies. Almost all of them are either dividing, maintaining, or dying. The dividing cells usually complete their four-phase replication cycle in 24 hours or less. Though a high percentage of the cells in our bodies are quite young relative to the 24-hour replication time frame, there are a few cell types that endure from birth to death without renewal. This special minority includes mainly, some of the cells of the cerebral cortex.

So, we see that the lifetime of cells can vary, from as little as 24 hours, to not replicating for a lifetime, though most do not live more than two years. Our white blood cells only live for about thirteen days, skin cells live about thirty days, red blood cells live for about one-hundred-twenty days, and liver cells live about eighteen months. All of these cell death times are variable and are affected by our individual genetics, internal environments, as well as how we treat ourselves physically, emotionally and even spiritually

Healthy Cells Mean A Healthy Body

You Can Create New Healthy Cells… Slowing Down The Aging Process.

No matter what disease, or sickness my clients suffer from, they always respond positively to detoxifying their body’s systems. Then rebuilding their bodies with live foods, while intentionally focusing on having attitudes of gratitude and practicing loving kindness. Though we cannot see the individual cellular regeneration, we do see vast over-all improvements in our client’s physical and spiritual energy, which supports healing and change at the building block level of the cell. This threefold approach to cellular regeneration helps the body’s natural call for balance, leading to a return to health. The expansion of healthy cells throughout the body provides nourishment, balance, and healing where needed.

To speed up this process, we find that a full body detox rebuild program always gives the best results. Every program includes:

  • Wheatgrass
  • Living foods
  • Rejuvelac
  • Fermented foods
  • Pure distilled water
  • Fresh, clean air
  • Proper rest at the right time
  • Exercise
  • Positive-loving mental attitude

Each of the protocols, as mentioned above, are meant to change how your cell replicates and presents themselves in your body. Healthy new cells indicate a healthy new you, a rejuvenated body means that you will have a longer and healthier life. Making this program the best “natural” anti-aging protocol available!

A strong healthy body can only originate at the cellular level and each cell must be given the proper information and substance to carry out the rejuvenation process..
A strong healthy body can only originate at the cellular level and each cell must be given the proper information and substance to carry out the rejuvenation process.

You Have The Power To Create A New You

1. Descended from a single fertilized egg, we have 243 different types of cells that come in all shapes and sizes.
2. Cells are the bricks and mortar from which all living tissue, organs, and systems are formed.
3. Your body (tissue, organs, and systems) is made up of more than 100 trillion of these cells.
4. Your brain/spirit is given sole responsibility for every one of these 100 trillion plus cells health and welfare.
5. You have the greatest of responsibilities, as only you can guarantee the health and safety of every cell. What you think, eat, the air that you breathe, all have an effect on your cells.
6. When you take charge of the situation, by providing proper guidance and direction every cell will answer to your commands.
7. Every second, 10’s of millions of cells are reborn, creating amino acids, vitamins, hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes and adenosine triphosphate (ATP – cellular energy), all await your direction. You can either feed your cells or feed degeneration.
8. An endless army of cellular workers, along with the bricks and mortar you will ever need to self-generate a healthy body is under your command.
9. A strong, healthy body can only originate at the cellular level and must be given the proper information and substance to do so.
10. A sick and diseased body can only arise at the cellular level and must be given improper information and harmful substance to do so.

Return To Normal

If you are sick and tired of being sick, give your cells a chance to regenerate. Try a simple cleanse, and full body, mind, and spirit detox, followed by nourishing your cells with only foods and thoughts, which support their return to a normal, happy, healthy state.

Robert C Morgan, Doctor of Naturopathy and Health Counselor

Medical Disclaimer

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Author: Robert Morgan, Certified Naturopath

Robert C Morgan - "Bobby" is the past Health Education Director at CHI. A certified Naturopath, Iridologist, Energy Practitioner, Colonic Therapist, Master Raw Live Food, Chef, Author, International Lecturer, Teacher, and Cancer "Survivor". Dr. Bobby is dedicated to continuing to carry out the work of Creative Health Institute, the vision of Dr. Ann Wigmore, and all of the souls who have dedicated their lives to love peace, and natural health.

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